Resolve to Try Cloth Diapers: A Q&A With AppleCheeks

FamilyDiapering & PottyResolve to Try Cloth Diapers: A Q&A With AppleCheeks

Resolve to Try Cloth Diapers: A Q&A With AppleCheeks

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Are you still on the fence about cloth diapers? We chatted with the folks over at one of our favourite cloth diaper brands, AppleCheeks to get some insights. See what they have to say below.

AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper starter kit

Q: What advice do you have for someone who has never tried cloth diapers?

A: Jump right in! Buy one (or a few) and see how it goes. The online cloth diaper communities of Instagram and Facebook make it easy to troubleshoot and resolve any issues. We love to see parents helping other parents use these wonderfully eco-friendly and family-friendly baby items! Laundry and care of the diapers isn’t as intimidating as you might think – modern cloth diapers make the process very simple.

Q: What about all the laundry?

A: Cloth diapers really add only a couple of extra loads per week, depending on stash size and number of children in diapers. A great benefit is not having to go to the store if you run out of diapers – you just go to the laundry room! (How about that in a snowstorm?!) Plus, the outstanding leak protection from AppleCheeks ruffles means you can avoid those blowouts that get all over baby’s clothes AND your clothes – so it’s less laundry as a result, really!

Q: What about the poop?

A: Poop is not as scary as many people make it out to be. A diaper change with a cloth diaper doesn’t look any different from a diaper change in a throwaway diaper, except you don’t throw money in the trash! Single-use and reusable liners make cleanup very easy and your washing machine doesn’t actually see much poop in the end!


Q: What about the expense?

A: Building a stash on a budget takes a little more time but it is totally doable. Buy one or two diapers per pay period, ask for diapers as shower, birthday and holiday gifts, collect gift cards to use on diapers, enter all the giveaways (hint: we LOVE giveaways!)…and don’t forget about the potential resale value! Many people recoup at least half of what they spent on the fluff when they’re done diapering their child. The best part is that you can hear those savings ring up every time you change baby’s diaper.

Q: Can cloth diapering really change my life?

A: YES. We have seen so many beautiful relationships created in our community of parents. You never know – you might meet your next best friend while comparing stash shots and talking about folding fluff laundry! Your house will smell better without a pail of poopy throwaway diapers, your baby’s skin will be healthier and you will smile every time you go to the changing table because cloth diapers make life more beautiful and fun!

Convinced? Let us know if you make the transition!

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