Rebecca’s Maternity Essentials

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Rebecca’s Maternity Essentials

As a mom of three young ones, there are a few items I think are necessary during and post-pregnancy. I’m happy to share my recommendations with you!

Bravodo Bras and Tanks

This is an absolute must for me. I definitely need this during pregnancy, and recommend for all women.

Omega 3s and Fish Oil

I’ve written before about Omega-3s and fish oils and how beneficial they are. This year, I’m even including fish oils as part of my 2017 resolutions and goals. Being consistent with them for myself and for my family!

Jolly Jumper Nursing Pillow  

I have tried a lot of nursing pillows, and Jolly Jumper is by far the best one for many reasons. You can use it for many positions and places, it’s super soft for baby and the cover is easily washable. I have two in my home, one for upstairs in the nursery and one for downstairs in the living room.  Dad can use it too when he’s feeding! See picture below.

MadeGood Snacks

 I love MadeGood granola snacks made with organic ingredients and whole grains. I always keep one in my purse as extra fuel and energy as snacks on-the-go. My favourite is the chocolate banana!

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal Vitamins are a must! I recommend New Chapter Perfect Prenatals. It includes whole food vitamins, herbs and minerals. It’s a once a day vitamin you take with meals, easy on the stomach and includes some very beneficial vitamins such as Vitamin D, Iron and Folate which is so needed for pregnant and nursing women.

Sound Machine for Baby

This is a needed item, for sure for your baby. It’s also great when you’re pregnant to help you fall back asleep during the night. It brings white noise into the bedroom which helps baby and you fall asleep faster. I can attest to this!

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