Rebecca’s 7 Resolutions in 2017

WellnessRebecca’s 7 Resolutions in 2017
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At the start of the New Year, I made a few goals and resolutions for myself and my family. I’m sharing my goals with you with hope that they inspire you to stay on your wellness journey!

Never buy a plastic bottle of water again.

I’m a big fan of S’well bottles, and this year I’m carrying one with me all the time! I even managed to make my five-year-old carry one too. I’m planning to broaden my water bottle selection with bkr, which is new to With beautiful colours that are so funky and fresh, you can’t go wrong.

BKR Water bottles

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

I have learned through my daughters eczema just how important it is to moisturize not only your face (I love ANDALOU) but also my whole body.  For all over body protection, I love Carina Organics.

Probiotics for good gut health

I admit, I had this as a resolution for 2016, and so far I’m happy to say I’ve done well in keeping up with it. My goal this year is to get my husband into probiotcs and ensure I am 100 per cent consistent with taking them. Progressive is my favourite for the kids, because I find powder is easy to mix in their milk.  For my husband I love the Garden of Life men’s formula.

Vitamin D 

I’m happy to say, I’ve been good with getting the kids their vitamin D with Ddrops. My resoution this year is to take vitamin D daily for myself, and looking at SISU brands to elevate my vitamin D game. I’ll follow up to let you know how I’m doing.



I upped my game with fish oils in 2016 and ensured the kids and I were taking Omega 3s daily.  My kids take Jamieson Omega 3 Gummies, while I take a healthy dose of Nutrasea Omega3 liquid gels.  My aim in 2017  is to get my husband taking one daily.

A daily yoga break


Truthfully, I need to recommit to my daily 15 minutes of yoga before bed.  Yoga is infused with benefits like allowing you to slow down, taking time to focus on the breath, energizing you and giving you a beneficial stretch.  I use my Manduka yoga mat and blocks to hep me in my yoga practice.

Meditation breather

I’m affirming to commit to a 15-minute meditation breathe at the end of the day.  to a 15 min mediation breather at the end of the day.  I love my Aromavase diffuser with a beautiful medley of essential oils, and we have so many great ones to pick from, you could blend an entirely new scent everyday.

What did you resolve to change this year? Let us know!

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