Rebecca & Erin’s Summer Picks

Rebecca & Erin's PicksRebecca & Erin’s Summer Picks
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We can finally feel it…summer IS coming and we’re getting excited for warm weather and gorgeous days. Here are our fave products to help you gear up for summer and all the fun it has to offer.

Summer Products Featured:

  • COOLA Discovery Kit: In this Go Green Not Red collection, get 3 of COOLA’s sun essentials (face, body + lip protection) in a cute travel pouch that fits perfectly into any beach tote or bag.
  • Shady Lady Eyewear: These head-turning sunnies with full UV protection won’t break the bank—and they’re perfect for basking on the beach or chasing trends on the street.
  • Dock & Bay Quick Dry Towel in Kuta Pink: This quick-dry towel folds up super small, dries 3x faster than a normal towel (especially when hung on its built-in elastic hook), and sand won’t cling to it!
  • Corkcicle Stemless Neon Pink: This very on-trend stainless steel cup keeps your fave bevvie at the perfect temp, all while going where glass can’t (think poolside). Lose the stem, keep the cool.
  • Tovolo Pop Molds: These dishwasher safe, food safe, and BPA-free moulds make delicious frozen treats in intricate and spooky-but-cute monster shapes using your fave ingredients.
  • GoodDrink Sparkling Water: Not only are these delicious, but they’re also socially conscious. When you buy from GoodDrink, they match the volume they sell in clean water for those in need.
  • Wonder + Well Infused Water: Kids can’t live on juice alone (and shouldn’t!). Most drink boxes are full of sugar but these have no sugar or sweeteners. It’s just water, flavoured and in a drink box!

To see even more Summer picks at, check out our Summer Shop!

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