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Did you know that the average child generates a whopping 66 pounds of waste per school year from lunches alone? We want to help you reduce this by being your litterless lunch destination. Going litterless is a goal we can keep all summer long too…so here are our top picks for the best gear.

Products Featured:

  • Little Lunch Box Co.Amazingly adorable bentos that are easy for little hands to open. Keep wet food next to dry in compartments and increase separate spaces with silicone cups.
  • YumboxOne of our all-time lunch faves! Light and compact with an easy-open lid, kids learn good eating habits with its illustrated trays. The single lid seals all food compartments; food won’t touch or leak.
  • o bntoThis new Canadian brand has great leak-proof containers that are microwave-, dishwasher-, and even freezer-safe. Check out the value packs!
  • FuelThis more grown-up brand boasts sturdy cutlery, a microwave-safe main dish container, and a snack container with a basket to rinse & drain fruit (no soggy strawberries!).
  • (re)zipDitch the disposables and opt for reusables. Both lead- and BPA-free, these bags are food-safe and leak-free. And 1 bag replaces up to 300 disposable baggies!
  • OmieLifeThis all-star has its own thermos, os you can pack warm AND cold food. It also has a handle so no bag required (less to lose!), is leak-proof, and is easy to clean.
  • Fluf Zippered Lunch BagsA Canadian brand that’s a customer fave, these durable, spacious, wipeable/washable zippered bags have an inside pocket for a juice or water bottle or ice pack.
  • FlatBox Lunch BagThe only lunch box that doubles as a place mat! Unzipped, it turns into a germ- and allergy-free eating surface that is machine washable so it stays that way.

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