Rebecca & Erin’s Back to School Checklist (feat. Angela!)

FamilyBack to SchoolRebecca & Erin’s Back to School Checklist (feat. Angela!)
rebecca & erin's back to school checklist

It’s almost time for back to school—and whether this is your first time or your tenth—it’s stressful. Here’s what your kids actually need this September.

What You’ll Need:

Snack bags (opt for reusable ones this year!)

  • Itzy Ritzy Snack Happens Reusable Snack & Everything Bags: Kids love to snack—so reusable snack bags are mandatory—and these stylish, machine-washable, zippered snack bags come in great prints. Fill with mini sammies, crackers, veggies, fruit and more!
  • 3 Sprouts Sandwich Bags: Snack bags are perfect for small bites to keep littles going all day long. These ones with adorable animal prints have a unique stand-up design for easy packing and are dishwasher safe (amazing!).

Snack containers

  • Drink In The Box Snack In The Box: Snacks are high on kids’ lists—and snack containers are great at keeping food from being crushed. In this, you can pack 2 separate snacks, and the pop-up doors make it easy to pour into small hands.

An insulated food jar (for warm lunches)

  • LunchBots Thermal: Insulated, leak proof jars like this one are perfect for when fall days turn chilly and a warm lunch is wanted. Keep soups, stews or pasta hot for up to 5 hours with this stainless steel container.
  • Zoli POW Dine Vacuum Insulated Food Jar: Some lunches are meant to be eaten warm. Keep meals hot or cold for hours while the durable outside stays cool. The matte, powder-coated exterior allows for an easy-to-open lid—perfect for wee hands!

A bento box (they make lunch fun!)

  • Bentgo Children’s Bento Lunch Box: Make lunches fun again with a kid-sized bento box featuring easy open and close latches and a drop-proof design. It has compartments for a sandwich, dip, veggies and more that are all sealed and won’t leak.
  • LunchBots Trio Bento: New bento boxes are coming out all the time, but LunchBots has stood the test of time with this classic, high-quality stainless steel food container that is 60% larger than most—for hungrier kids.

A water bottle

  • S’ip by S’well Water Bottles: It’s uber important to keep kids hydrated—S’ip x S’well has thirsty travellers covered with a screw top lid and bottle that has the same therma S’well tech that keeps drinks cold or warm as desired.
  • Hydro Flask Kids Wide Mouth Water Bottle: An insulated water bottle is perfect for little ones who need to grab a sip throughout class or after school. Straws are especially great for kids, and the push-button lid keeps the straw perfectly clean.

A lunch bag (big enough to hold everything!)

  • Parkland Rodeo Lunch Kit: With multiple lunch and snack containers in tow, a tote can help to keep everything organized. A Canadian brand makes this one from plastic water bottles. It has a zippered front pocket and easy-wipe interior.
  • Sugarbooger Zippee Lunch Tote: Pile everything into a tote like this and your wees will LOVE lunch. The main compartment zips completely open for easy packing and eating while the insulated wipe-clean interior keeps food cool.

A backpack

  • SoYoung Raw Linen Backpacks: Nothing says ‘back to school’ like a kid with a backpack—this one from Toronto-based SoYoung is perfect. Made with natural raw linen, it comes in different sizes and fits all they need for a day away.
  • Jansport Backpacks: Pack it all in a backpack and send them on their way. Jansport is new to but has been loved since the ‘60s. Sturdy and durable, there’s even a half-pint mini pack for the youngest scholars.

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