How to Cure Your Rainy Day Blues

FamilyFun & PlayHow to Cure Your Rainy Day Blues

How to Cure Your Rainy Day Blues

How To Cure Your Rainy Day Blues

Spring showers bring May flowers – but what to do when we can’t help but feel blue on rainy days? Take the quiz below to find your rainy day adventure with your little ones, your fluffy ones, or by yourself!

How To Cure Your Rainy Day Blues Quiz - Infographic

Get Ready For….

An Outdoor Adventure

You’re not afraid of getting a little wet, so get out there and have some fun! Wet socks aren’t very fun so make sure you suit the whole family up in the proper gear – like these yellow rain boots from Stonz, and most importantly – a rain jacket. Rainy day enthusiasts will love this cute umbrella print rain jacket from Bumkins, and any kid will love this colour changing dino raincoat from Hatley!  Check out even more rain gear here.

Family Fun Day

So you’d rather stay nice and dry inside – no problem! Gather the troops together, it’s board game time. Pengoloo only has two rules so it’s easy to learn and fun for the whole family, recommended for ages 4 and up. If your kids are big fans of Marshall, Chase, Skye and Zuma, have a big indoor adventure with the Paw Patrol Path Game. Older kids will love the Arts and Crafts Library from Kid Made Modern (for ages 8+), with 1250+ pieces, the craft possibilities are endless. Check out even more toys and games here.

Baby Bath Time

Scrub a dub, dub – it’s time for some fun in the tub! Skip your regular umbrella and grab this Rainy Day Catching Set  from Hape that lets you drain water through holes and play catch with all the colourful balls. This Squirting Rocket Ship from Marcus & Marcus is a must have for your little one – it even changes colour if the water is too hot. Turn the bath tub into an ocean with this Fish and Splish floating boat, complete with an octopus comb and whale nailbrush – so you can clean your babe while they fish around. For even more bath toys for baby, look here.

A Movie Marathon

Rainy days are the perfect (guilt-free!) days to enjoy a movie marathon. Make it fun for the whole family with a pillow fort and popcorn. LesserEvil’s Buddha Bowl Popcorn is an upgrade from your usual popcorn with organic ghee butter, coconut and avocado oils and Himalayan salt. If you’d rather pop your own, opt for Central Roast’s Organic Tri Coloured Popcorn – your kids will love watching them pop and you’ll love how healthy they are. Another healthy popcorn option is Sea Salt Kettle Cooked Popcorn from Pop Time – they also offer lots of other flavours like white cheddar, jalepeno, and honey BBQ so there’s something for everyone. Check out even more popcorn and snacking options here.

Fun With Fido

Time to say BRB to your bed and give in to Fido’s adorable puppy eyes – you’re going to the park! The rain keeps most people inside so you’ll have plenty of space to play fetch – mix it up with a bouncy ball like the Tennisbal Dog Toy from Petprojekt. If your pups more into squeaks than bounces, opt for this adorable Latex Balloon Animal Dog Toy from Charming Pet Products. Don’t forget the treats too – they’ll love these Sweet Potato Chews from Crumps Naturals, made from 100% baked sweet potato! Check out even more dog treats here.

Bubble Bath Bliss

Rainy days are perfect for long, hot, bubbly baths – so go ahead, start running the water! For the ultimate relaxation combo, start with Bathorium’s BECALM Bubble Elixir for some serious bubbles, and finish with some of Herbivore’s Coconut Milk Bath Soak to leave your skin silky soft. Or treat yourself to a bath bomb – for a fizzy soak, the Rose & Moroccan Red Clay Bath Bomb from Buck Naked Soap Co is both stunning and soothing as it releases dried rose petals when it dissolves. Check out more bath treats here.

Aromatherapy Time

Let the sound of the rain lull you to sleep – it’s nap time. Create the perfect peaceful environment with a diffuser like the Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from Ellia that gives off a gentle glow as it delivers a fine mist of natural aroma – you can even control it from the comfort of your bed with the remote control. Mix your own soothing blend of essential oils or opt for special blends – Ellia’s Be Centered blend is calming with notes of bergamot, patchouli and cedarwood, or try a blend with lavender like Flora from Woodlot. Check out more relaxing aromatherapy options here.

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