Q&A with SunKissAlba and Derma E

BeautySkin CareQ&A with SunKissAlba and Derma E

Q&A with SunKissAlba and Derma E

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We had the opportunity to get personal with Alba of SunKissAlba and Barbara, VP of Marketing from DERMA E. Watch to learn more!

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SunKissAlba is passionate about organic beauty and sustainable living. She is an organic beauty YouTuber and blogger. She loves using face oils to help soften, illuminate and add nourishing hydration to her skin. She’s partnered with DERMA E to create their Radiant Glow Oil–a luxurious oil that creates an unforgettable glow. Luscious organic Jojoba Oil and replenishing organic Argan Oil moisturize to help combat dehydration and the appearance of wrinkles while promoting radiance. Rejuvenating organic Sea Buckthorn Oil helps to smooth and add shine, while mineral-rich mica adds a natural-looking brilliance to your skin.

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