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From hearing about them on yogurt commercials to seeing them mentioned on health food blogs, chances are you’re seeing probiotics pop up everywhere! But what exactly are they, and why should you consider adding them to your diet? Read on as we give you the 101 on probiotics.

What are Probiotics and How Do They Work?

Probiotics are live microorganisms (usually bacteria) that are similar to the types of “good” bacteria that are naturally found in our bodies. They help maintain a healthy digestive system and immune system, protect our bodies from harmful bacteria, alleviate health conditions like IBS. Some research even suggests that probiotics can boost brain function and prevent UTIs and yeast infections.

In healthy condition, the human gut contains billions of of bacteria that help our bodies break down food, protect us from harmful bacteria, and even helps to support our immune system. But because of factors stress, medicines (like antibiotics), and a less than ideal diet, these “good” bacteria aren’t always present at the numbers that they should be for optimal health – and that’s why we turn to probiotics! Whether you opt to add more probiotic rich foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, tempeh, and kimchi to your diet, or decide to take a probiotic supplement, probiotics are key to maintaining good overall health.

Who Should Take Probiotics?

Remember to talk to your health professional about what’s right for you before adding new supplements to your diet. Most of us can benefit from making sure that our digestive systems are properly, in balance, but you should make a point of talking to your doctor, naturopath, or nutritionist about supplementing your diet with probiotics if:

  • You’ve recently been on antibiotics
  • You have a digestive condition like IBS or GERD
  • You regularly suffer from yeast infections or UTIs
  • You’re always getting sick with the flu and colds
  • You’ve been feeling bloated and sluggish
  • You’re trying to attain (and stick to) a healthy weight

Our Customers’ Favourite Probiotic Supplements


SISU Kids’ Dophilus Plus Chewable

“Finding acidopholous/probiotics in a form that kids manage is not easy. However, I was thrilled to discover the Sisu Dophilus Plus – the kids love chewing these tablets and don’t mind the taste. I will definitely order more.” -Katja



Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care Probiotic

“My Naturopath advised I should take at least 50 Billion active cultures to stay healthy, and he’s asked me to double it during virus season. This has been a great product.” – Julia



Progressive HCP30 100% Human Strain Probiotic

“Since taking this product, I have noticed a significant change in my digestion. I have always had a very sensitive stomach, but now it is rare that I have stomach problems or digestive issues.” – Lauren


5ddacf8ee44b356255105f0107370f9c_ra,w380,h380_pa,w380,h380Jamieson Probiotic with 10 Billion Active Cells

“I bought this high potency probiotic because I wanted to cure my GERD/ IBS and I think it worked. I have taken it as instructed and my symptoms has disappeared. I really recommend this supplement to anyone that is suffering from GERD / IBS. This really helped me find relief.” – Dleung


25bec3eaa735d70737453a5d3732cc3d_ra,w380,h380_pa,w380,h380Webber Naturals Complete Probiotic Double Strength

I have been using these probiotics for awhile now. I started after being on antibiotics, and I am so glad I did!” – Barb


c23cbc7ddeee6bb3b7b010f0bf20f5c3_ra,w380,h380_pa,w380,h380 Culturelle Probiotic

“I have been using it daily for 6 months now after recovering from severe bout of C Dificile which left me in a very depleted state. It was recommended by both my doctor and nutritionist, to immediately start restoring my intestinal flora and boost up my immune system.” – KC


Do you take probiotics? Have you noticed a difference in how you feel since you’ve started taking them? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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