5 Pregnancy Issues No One Tells You About

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5 Pregnancy Issues No One Tells You About

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Prior to my own pregnancy, I heard all about the ‘pregnancy glow’. During my first trimester, I decided this glow was kind of a unicorn—you know, a myth. While my pregnancy improved during the second trimester, I realized that there was a growing list of pregnancy issues that my had-already-been-pregnant girlfriends had neglected to tell me about. In retrospect I think they held back because a) they didn’t want to freak me out; and b) everyone’s pregnancy is unique.

Since I’ve chatted with a lot of moms-to-be about some of their not-so-pleasant pregnancy surprises, I’ve put together a list of select have-to-have products to get you (or someone you love) through it (just in case, of course, because hopefully these things won’t happen).

1. Acne

Nobody wants to feel like a teenager again—especially when their pregnant. And, since you are pregnant, you can’t use the products from your high school days to tackle pesky zits, because their harsh chemical ingredients are not safe for baby. TheraWise, a Vancouver-based company, developed Ac+, an all-natural and extremely effective therapy for acne.

2. Hemorrhoids

Enough said. This can be a very pesky problem both before and after baby arrives, and is hard to treat because most products are not safe for baby. TheraWise also makes HmR, another all-natural product designed specifically with the pregnant or new mommy in mind.

3. Low Iron

Keeping iron levels up during pregnancy is important, and physicians will often recommend iron supplements. Most of the iron supplements I came across were big, hard-to-swallow pills that just didn’t sit quite right with my sensitive tummy. I was delighted to discover Spatone. Down one packet of with a bit of juice, and you receive your full daily iron dose without any of the usual side effects.

4. Over Active Bladder

The extra pressure from baby on your bladder doesn’t mean you have to turn to panty liners to deal with extra leakage. I am a big fan of Knock Out Panties, which developed a 100% cotton liner that keeps you fresh and dry. Their panties also come in fun and attractive styles, so you can feel clean and fabulous throughout your pregnancy.

5. Tired Eyes

I can’t remember when the belly got so big or my baby so active that I just couldn’t sleep at night. Truthfully, the sleepless nights started early because I was dreaming of what he would look like, or planning the nursery or deciding on a name, etc. To deal with my tired eyes, I applied 100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. As the name suggests, 100% Pure creates pure, organic beauty and skin care products to nourish your skin.

What’s your favourite go-to product for the ups and downs of pregnancy?

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