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Written by Emma Uys,’s Buyer for Toys

Hi, I’m Emma, a busy mother of 2 energetic boys. Matthew is 4 and walks a fine line between wanting teenage independence and still wanting to be my baby. Liam is 15 months and just a ball of fire. A couple of months ago I went back to work, and to be honest, my family and I have found it hard to adapt. Monday to Friday is all about dropping the boys off at separate daycares, rushing to work, and rushing to pick them up to get them home to be fed & bathed. So our weekends are sacred. From 6:30am on a Saturday, we are at the St. Lawrence Market. Sunday night we try very hard to be out as a family & enjoying the city.

So when I had the chance to review the Phil & Teds Sports Stroller, I knew we were up for the job.

What Is It?

The Phil & Teds Sports Stroller in an innovative take on an adaptable and capable stroller built for real-life adventures. The addition of the Sport Doubles Kit (second seat) allows for easy expansion to support growing families.

Why Does It Matter?

The Phil & Teds Sport Stroller isn’t just another stroller in a crowded marketplace. The performance and build quality rival strollers that cost over $1000. The real test of the stroller was: would it meet Matthew and Liam’s approval. In short, they loved it! The addition of the Sport Doubles Kit allowed Liam to have his own little place around the back of the stroller where he was more than happy to watch the world go by. Getting Matthew and Liam in and out was a breeze with the 5-Point Harness and its easy one-touch release. I did not need to fiddle with the straps when Matthew chose to walk, and I could move Liam to the front position. The large wheels are ready for any adventures, and with the first snow on the ground we were out to the Toronto Christmas Market, to take in the best of the season. The Phil & Teds Sport Stroller confidently plowed through fresh snow hopped over streetcar tracks and glided down weathered cobblestone paths. The front wheel can be locked in the park and jogging or rotate freely for superior maneuverability in the tightest of grocery store aisles.

Standout Features

Overall the Phil & Teds Sport Stroller felt very light and easy to maneuver in environments from the mall to the park. The Phil & Teds Sport Stroller is equipped with the Auto Stop braking system, which proved to be a great asset. The one hand fast fold feature also comes in very handy as a busy mom never seems to have enough free hands! The available sport double kit adds to the stroller’s versatility allowing for two children to have a safe and comfortable ride. The availability of the sport double kit makes the Phil & Teds Sport Stroller a great addition for both new and growing families.

Who’s It For?

Everyone! The Phil & Teds Sport Stroller covers nearly everything you would expect from a stroller that you would use every day. It finds the right balance by being big enough to keep the kids secure and comfortable while being small enough for crowded markets and busy streets.


At $599.99 the Phil & Teds Sport Stroller offers tremendous value, feeling and performing like a much more expensive model. With the addition of the sport double kit, that value is stretched even farther allowing the Phil & Teds Sport Stroller to grow and change with you.


There are many challenges with a young family. The mark of any good product where children are involved is that it solves more frustration than it causes. The Phil & Teds Sport Stroller gives parents very little to be frustrated about–with good value, innovative features and kid approved seats, the Phil & Teds Sport Stroller would be a welcome addition to any happy home. My only regret is that I did not have it a year ago when Liam was born!


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