What Your pH Levels Say About You (& Your Energy Levels!)

HolidayWhat Your pH Levels Say About You (& Your Energy Levels!)

What Your pH Levels Say About You (& Your Energy Levels!)

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Did you know the pH levels of your body can impact your overall health—including your bones, skin, digestion and body weight? Certain studies show that our pH level should be more alkaline; however, most people’s are acidic due to diet and lifestyle choices.

What is pH?

pH (potential of hydrogen) represents the balance of positively charged (acid-forming) ions to negatively charged (alkaline-forming) ions in the body. The lower the pH of your blood, the more acidic; the higher the pH, the more alkaline. Simple, right?

When we eat too many acid-forming foods, and not enough alkaline-forming foods, the body looks to its own ‘buffers’ (stored alkalizing minerals) to neutralize the acidic load. Emotional and physical stress also increase acidity.

After food is consumed, it is broken down, digested and absorbed. What’s left behind is a residue that’s either acidic or alkaline. These wastes require elimination via the intestines, kidneys, skin or lungs, but before the body can excrete acidic waste products, it must neutralize them using oxygen and alkaline minerals found in green foods like vegetables, herbs and green food supplements. When there is enough for neutralization, the body’s pH remains balanced and its organs function correctly.

What happens when the body is too acidic?

In addition to low energy and poor digestion, studies have shown a direct link between an acidic pH and a variety of health issues including: premature aging, inadequate absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, Osteoporosis, weight gain, frequent colds and flus and even headaches.

The Greens+ pH Challenge:

Genuine Health Greens+ can help you to achieve a healthy pH. It has been shown to statistically increase the urinary pH (i.e. increase alkalinity) of healthy men & women after being taken regularly for just 2 weeks. Results showed urinary pH became significantly more alkaline after just 7 days and at the completion of the trial, the average urinary pH increased by two-fold.

Four of our staff in the Toronto office took the Greens+ pH Challenge recently. Here’s what they thought:

Nicole M: “After using Greens+ Extra Energy for the last 21 days, I found I was not as reliant on caffeine as I used to be as my energy levels were fantastic! I always started my day with adding my Greens+ to my smoothie which was a great way to combine the energy benefits of Greens+ Extra Energy with the nutrients of fruit, greek yogurt and protein powder for a well rounded, nutritious breakfast. I also noticed a different in my pH level after only 10 days, but I would definitely say that the increase in my energy levels without the afternoon crash was the most noticeable benefit of this challenge.”

Nicole F: “The pH challenge was a great way for me to get back on track after the holidays. I usually chose to take my greens+ in the afternoon and favoured the Greens+ Extra Energy in Natural Cappuccino. The extra energy really helped me get over the afternoon slump. Overall, I feel great after taking this challenge. My skin appears to be brighter, I have more energy and I am more regular (if you know what I mean…).”

Amena: “I easily incorporated Greens+ into my everyday life is by using the Greens+ Extra Energy in Natural Cappuccino as my afternoon pick me up instead of a 2nd cup of coffee at that time. After implementing this, I noticed the biggest change in my energy levels in the afternoon. Shortly after starting to take it, I no longer felt sluggish during that post lunch slump and I was a lot more attentive all day at the office.”

Kathy: “I found that the pH Challenge was easier to do with a group (of my amazing co-workers!) than it would have been to go it alone because we all motivated each other and reminded each other to take our Greens+. Also, having it as an afternoon pick-me-up snack in the middle of the day when I would normally hit the afternoon wall helped me immensely. I liked to use Vanilla Chai and mix it with almond milk and it was a sweet treat when I needed it most. At the end of the challenge, I definitely felt as though I had detoxed my body and I also noticed that I was no longer dragging myself around all afternoon at work (that pick-me-up works!).”

Want to take the Greens+ pH Challenge for yourself? Here are some excellent smoothie recipes to help you incorporate Greens+ into your daily routine.

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