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Find Your Perfect Lube

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Even if your sex life is in perfect shape, you should consider the rewards of introducing a personal lubricant. Recent studies have shown that many women feel that the amount of lubricant their bodies produce is not enough, therefore personal lubricants (or “lubes”) can improve intimate experiences.

Lube is something everyone should have in their bedside drawer, and we want to help you find the perfect one. It’s sort of like finding your perfect partner—difficult but totally worth the effort. So read on to get the lowdown on which ones are best for what.

Your Perfect Lube For: Condoms


While the majority of condoms come pre-lubricated, this may dull before long. The first and most important thing you need to know about mixing lube and condoms is that you should NEVER use oil-based lubricants. The oil causes latex to breakdown and no one wants a broken condom. Keep you and your partner safe by sticking to water- or silicone-based ones, which are safe for all condom types.

We recommend: Hathor Afrodiasia Lubricant Pure

Your Perfect Lube For: Going Au Naturale (in more ways than one!)


Women can get infections easily from lubes with chemicals like glycerin, so you might want to go ‘au naturale’. Try a lube that is made from organic ingredients.

We recommend: Yes Oil Based Lubricant

Your Perfect Lube For: Getting Pregnant


Most lubricants aren’t helpful if those wee swimmers are actually trying to get somewhere, so why use a lube at all? Making a baby should actually be fun and pleasurable and a lube can help with that…so what’s a girl or a guy to do? Use the one lubricant that has been shown to not impair sperms’ ability to move forward.

We recommend: PreSeed Personal Lubricant

Your Perfect Lube for: Warming


If you have a night of pleasure planned for your significant other, you might want to try branching out from the usual in terms of lubricants. Warming lubes can boost arousal by increasing blood flow, and freezable ones work like an ice cube at first, then melt—perfect for warm nights.

We recommend: K-Y Brand Touch 2-in-1 Warming Oil and Personal Lubricant

Your Perfect Lube for: Flavour


We know that you are at least a little bit skeptical as to whether they will taste good. We taste-tested this particular product and it tastes great (and have heard that it works just fine).

We recommend: Sliquid Swirl Flavoured Natural Intimate Lubricant

Your Perfect Lube For: Toys


Using the wrong lube can shorten the life of your toys: silicone-based lubes will react with silicone toys and cause them to break down. Water-based is best for toys. Plus, since it causes minimal irritation for her and can be used with condoms, a watery lube can allow for an easy transition between foreplay and sex.

We recommend: Astroglide Natural Personal Lubricant & Moisturizer

The bottom line is that if you find a lube that you like, great! If you use one and it makes you itchy or gives you any other negative reaction, switch. Personal lubricants are supposed to make sex better and more comfortable, not less. Remember as well that being comfortable and safe with your partner is always important. Protection from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy should be at the top of your list, along with finding your perfect lubricant.

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