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Your already extremely busy day probably doesn’t include reading up on potential concerning ingredients in your shampoo or body wash (or toothpaste or floor cleaner or furniture polish…)—ours certainly didn’t. We have enough on our plate with kids, work, pickups, pets, telephone calls, bills, school forms, lunches, dinners, vacations, PD Days, childcare and all of the other minute decisions we make in between. BUT. Sometimes, late at night or while we’re commuting to or from one of the various places we have to be in a day, or even when we’re yelling at a child to PLEASE, BRUSH YOUR TEETH...the thoughts creep in. Are there really toxic chemical filters in my sunscreen?” or, “What makes my toothpaste minty green?” or even, “What will my baby ingest if he licks my just-cleaned floor?” 

The perfect charcuterie board has an unexplained power to wow any guests that you have over for dinner. Luckily, it’s also a surprisingly easy appetizer to throw together! There’s usually no cooking involved – really, you just need to buy some delicious ingredients, place them nicely on a pretty cutting board, and you’re good to go! A bit of inspiration never hurts, so I’ve put together two options to guide you in building the perfect “wow-worthy” charcuterie board: an omnivore board and a vegan version.

Don’t let the cold Canadian winter get you down—Family Day Weekend is coming! Here’s what Erin and Danielle (Baby & Kids Buyer) are going to be doing on the long weekend with their families (indoors and out). PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Merrithew Kids Yoga Mat Merrithew Play & Exercise Kit for Kids Gaiam Kids Balance Ball Zipfy Sled  Simply Protein Kids Bars (Chocolate Brownie) Simply Protein Kids Bars (Strawberry Vanilla) Soggy Doggy Board Game Veggie Go's Strawberry, Chia and Beet Bites Joie Microwave Popcorn Maker   For more health, lifestyle, and wellness videos, check out and subscribe to our Youtube Channel!...

Sponsored by KidCo Whether you're just starting out on the road to parenthood, or if you've already gotten a few miles in, baby proofing your home is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your baby’s safety once he or she becomes mobile. Here are our top 10 areas to concentrate on when baby-proofing, and some tips to help you keep your little one safe. Stairs First things first, if you have stairs in your home, install baby safety gates.  A tumble down the stairs can cause serious injury to your little explorer!  You never know when your baby will start crawling, so do yourself a favour and install gates for the top of your stairs while you're getting the nursery set up. Kidco Safeway gates are great, because they're designed with quick release hardware that lets you pop out the gate and store it safely, leaving the hardware installed. Then, once baby's...

When you feel a cold or a headache coming on, it’s probably a Tylenol bottle you reach for. But tinctures might actually be a more effective treatment! So why not give them a try? Maybe you’ve heard the word “tinctures”. But you don’t know exactly what they are, how to take them, or why you might want to take them. You may have even seen and been tempted to buy the little medicinal-looking bottles with dropper caps. But they make you a bit nervous because you’re unsure what’s in them. We are here to help!