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Taya Griffin | International Board Certifed Lactation Consultant
As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), I work with many mothers who have questions about the necessity of a breast pump, how often they need to pump and many other pumping logistics. As with everything breastfeeding-related, there is no one right answer and no one right way to do things. Listening to your heart and head and doing what is best for you and your family is the key to having a meaningful and joyous breastfeeding journey. The following are some of the more common answers to queries that I receive about pumping in my prenatal classes and postnatal home and clinic visits. I hope this helps provide some guidance while you navigate this topic.

Eve Gane | Blogger | Close to Simple
You try to eat well, exercise, drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep. But could your beauty and skincare routine be full of harmful chemicals that are sabotaging your health? It’s easy to turn to the ingredients list on your shampoo bottle and feel totally lost in their long scientific names. With just a few tips, you’ll be decoding them in no time! You'll also have a better understanding of what to watch out for the next time you’re scanning the makeup aisle.

lEmily Elliot We've all been there. Whether it's a long travel day abroad, or you’re stuck at your local airport, sourcing holistic solutions on the fly can be a challenge. Tucking a few simple things into your carry-on luggage can help tide over hunger, soothe that stubborn nausea, and support restful sleep after hours of plane connections and tricky time changes. With the winter travel season in full swing, these five natural health ideas might just be the ticket to ease and balance that your itinerary (and body!) have been wishing for. Protein boost and an electrolyte pack On long days of travel, especially in unknown countries, hunger and dehydration can sneak up on you. Nutrition bars are easy to throw in your purse or fanny pack in preparation for a day trip. Look for bars with a high protein content (around 20 grams), for a satiating effect and boost of energy until...