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Mandy King | Holistic Nutritionist | Healthy Eating and Living
You wake up and your stomach feels good, comfortable and flat. But as the day goes on, it feels like you could be six months pregnant because you’re so bloated! This is a really common complaint I get from clients. It’s super uncomfortable, especially if you’re not able to just switch into sweatpants and lie on the couch. When I help my clients with digestion, the most important part is to figure out WHY they’re experiencing the symptom so that we can fix the root cause (like food sensitivities, lack of enzymes, stress, or an imbalance of bacteria to name a few).

Pavithra Ravi | Pharmacist
What better time than spring to take a few hours (or even minutes) to clean out your closet? This may mean getting rid of that sweater you haven’t worn in three years or those shoes you bought for the one outfit you no longer have. But what about your medicine cabinet? That often-overlooked cupboard in your spring cleaning regime may actually be the most important one to declutter.