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Sarah Price | Blogger
Teenagers are going through a lot. They’re balancing school, sports, friends, maybe a job, and of course all the changes their bodies are going through. Which means their skin care routine is probably not the first thing on their minds. But as I’m sure you know, they’ll want to start good skin care habits sooner versus later.

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Dr. Nadia Lamanna | Naturopathic Doctor and Medical Advisor & Educator at CanPrev

Long Before There Were Antidepressants, There Was Magnesium

If only there was a magic pill that could take anxiety and depression away. If you’re a sufferer, chances are you’ve tried a medicine cabinet full of supplements, medications and all kinds of self-calming techniques like meditation and mindfulness to help make it stop. Hopefully, you’ve found the right solution for you. But if not, there’s evidence that suggests magnesium can be a big help when it comes to managing your anxiety and depression symptoms. So it might be worth your while to talk to your healthcare provider about magnesium.

I love love love smoothies! Cool, refreshing and the combinations are endless. They’re pretty much my go-to breakfast or snack. And as the buyer for supplements at, I’m always sampling something new in my blended concoctions. Endless options are mostly a blessing but can be a curse – because where do you start? Here are my top 11 picks to upgrade your smoothie: