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Genuine Health is a company that is passionate about health, happy living and thinks everyone deserves a healthy, vibrant life...and they believe that having a well-nourished body is the best way to achieve that. That's why they search the world for the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to make their innovative, nutrient-rich, research-based formulas.

Popsicles are a cool treat that brings us back to our childhood. Sitting on the porch, by the pool, in a hot car on the way to the cottage or even just walking home from school or camp, they are a mainstay of summer in Canada; particularly if you have kids (or are a kid at heart). Ice cream may be wonderful; Freezies are convenient, but Popsicles are a remnant of childhood I for one will never give up. Sorry...being a former food blogger, I tend to wax poetic about food of any kind.

Tea tree oil is a serious handyman; from healing to cleaning it is a go-to tincture for the home medicine cabinet and cleaning supply cupboard.  Known for its  antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, it also has antibiotic properties and helps aid against skin infections, rashes, burns, dandruff and more. Please note however, that it should not be used on babies younger than 6 months, nor should it be ingested.