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Yes,  eggs, milk, and produce can be slightly more expensive at a farmers' market. But where else can you get freshly-laid eggs with sun-yellow yolks; milk from a dairy farmer who knows all his cows names (and parents' names and grandparents' names) and vegetables that taste so good you'll want to eat them naked (the veggies, not you)? It's worth it to shop at a farmers' market. But they can be overwhelming. So, before you head out, check out our tips and tricks (and commit them to memory).

Just like good meals, nutritious snacks require the 3 P's: Prudence, Preparation and Planning. With car trips and camping expeditions on the schedule, packing healthy snacks will be mandatory. Make sure you exercise those 3 P's and plan healthy snacks, prudently choose the good over the bad and prep yourself for your kids' huge smiles. For snacks that silence grumbling tummies without the guilt, try one of these healthy options. In other words, snack on THIS, not THAT. started in the closet of a pharmacy, over 5 years ago, and has been growing exponentially ever since. We’ve had many headquarters, including a church basement, our founder’s house, and currently we're in a lovely building connected to our Warehouse in Guelph Ontario. We also have a second office in downtown Toronto.

By: Lorena Scott | Founder & CEO, MommiesFirst Inc. | Part-Time Blogger
Prior to my own pregnancy, I heard all about the 'pregnancy glow'. During my first trimester, I decided this glow was kind of a unicorn—you know, a myth. While my pregnancy improved during the second trimester, I realized that there was a growing list of pregnancy issues that my had-already-been-pregnant girlfriends had neglected to tell me about. In retrospect I think they held back because a) they didn’t want to freak me out; and b) everyone’s pregnancy is unique.