Steps to Success with Overnight Potty Training

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Steps to Success with Overnight Potty Training

overnight success with potty training

Your child may be a pro at staying dry during the day, but nighttime can be a totally different beast altogether. Don’t get discouraged, because overnight is typically the part of potty training that takes the longest for a wee one to master. A little planning and patience can make it much easier for your tot to succeed. We know it’s an anxious time however, so we got a few answers to questions we’re sure are running through the minds of any parent with a child on the verge of overnight potty training.

Is my little one ready for night-time potty training?

Is your wee one staying dry through the day with no problem? Is s/he waking up with a dry diaper most mornings? If so, s/he’s probably ready! The physical ability to hold urine for 10-12 hours and the development of the nerve signal from the bladder to the brain to wake up are both part of age and development. 66% of kids by the age of three have night-time control and almost 75% have it by the age of four.

How should I prep my child for a trial of night-time potty training?

A few hours before bedtime, start limiting fluid intake and have your child use the potty right before bedtime. Avoid leaving full cups of water near the bed, and instead offer one small drink of water while tucking them in.

Make sure that your child’s path to the bathroom is well lit, and free of toys. Keep a nightlight on in the bathroom overnight, so your child can find everything they need if they do get up in the night to pee.

You can also wake your child up to go to the bathroom right when you’re going to bed. It will give them a few more hours of space in their bladder. You may have to help them onto the toilet and prop them up because they will be very sleepy, but they likely will not have much trouble going right back to sleep.

When it’s time for bed, take extra steps to make your child comfortable. Have them wear training pants to help maintain night-time consistency with potty training.

What if my child has an accident?

Accidents are going to happen–so don’t make a big deal of it. Move on and try again. You might want to protect their mattress with a bed mat like GoodNites® Bed Mats. Also be sure to have dry underwear and pajamas on hand for a fast change should they wet the bed.

Attitude is everything.

After a dry night, celebrate! Make your child their fave breakfast or maybe let them watch a video or play a game that morning. You can even call grandma with the good news (she of all people will appreciate hearing about it!). They will learn to associate a dry bed with other great things, and will make that extra effort to become fully trained!

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