Overnight Oats Recipe

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Overnight Oats Recipe

Mornings are rushed. No matter how much time you give your self, you will always manage to spend more time combing your daughter’s’ hair, or finding your son’s one shoe. Leaving enough time to decide what to eat for breakfast is nearly out of the question! Was your go-to breakfast milk and cereal? Or eggs on toast? Are they out of the question now that there are food allergies or sensitivities in the house? While you might have to get a bit more creative in the grocery store, you don’t have to compromise on taste or time! With so many food options now available in gluten free or dairy free versions, feeding kids (or yourself!) with allergies has really come a long way.

For those mornings when I know I won’t have enough time, I take 5 minutes the night before to get myself organized. One of the quickest and easiest breakfast is overnight oats. This hearty breakfast is as quick as a bowl of cereal, and with the addition of the chia seeds (and lack of all that sugar) this breakfast will keep you and the kids going all morning long.

Chia works great alongside oats because it will soak up any extra liquid to bulk up your meal. This is what helps to keep you feeling full and gives you an extra dose of fibre, protein, calcium,omega-3’s, iron and magnesium that you wouldn’t normally get from oatmeal. Best of all, it won’t alter the taste.

When choosing a dairy free milk, it’s all about personal preference –  just be sure it is fortified to give the extra dose of calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. You can figure that out pretty quickly just by looking at the Nutrition Facts panel. If those are listed as 30% or higher, then it’s fortified. .

Overnight oats will last for a few days in the fridge, which means you can put together a big batch to get the whole family through busy mornings.  Plus, with so many ways to customize your oats, this is one meal that will keep everyone happy. Get the recipe for one of my favourite variations below:

Cranberry Coconut Overnight Oats



  1. Mix oats, milk and chia, together until combined
  2. Mix in coconut chips, cranberries, and chocolate chips
  3. Cover and refrigerate overnight

What’s your family’s favourite breakfast? Tell us in the comments!

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