Our Top Local Skincare Picks for an at Home Spa Day

WellnessSelf CareOur Top Local Skincare Picks for an at Home Spa Day

Our Top Local Skincare Picks for an at Home Spa Day

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During periods of stress and uncertainty it is more important than ever to set aside space and time for yourself. Although it’s easier said than done, adopting little rituals are grounding and can offer comfort when we need it most. One of our favourites is a relaxing bath at the end of a long day.

It is also a great time to support small businesses and there are tons of local skincare brands to help you achieve your at home wellness retreat dreams. 

Set the mood: 

A warm and calming environment is key to a good spa day and lighting a candle can be the perfect at home solution to recreating this relaxing space. Hand-poured in Toronto, Fenwick Candles use organic coconut wax and pure essential oils in their products. Their Lavender and Eucalyptus Candle will literally make you think you’re at a spa again and brings all the “hygge” vibes with its warm glow and minimalist packaging. 

Start with a full body dry brushing:

Dry brushing is an amazing way to exfoliate, so before you hop in the bath, grab a natural-fiber body brush like this one from Sayula. Starting with your feet, use small, upward strokes moving all the way up to your neck. It might feel intense at first but your skin will be soft and ready for any post-bath products you want to apply. 

Dress up your bath: 

Think bubbles, salts, oils and bombs. Go all out and treat yourself to a soak in a luxurious blend of skin-softening products. We recommend sticking with adding no more than two to your bath at a time. A great pairing is Buck Naked Soap Company’s Brazilian Purple Clay & Oatmeal Bath Bomb and their Himalayan Salt Soak. This combo offers ultimate hydration and is ideal for all skin types. 

Try a new mask and chill: 

There’s nothing wrong with slapping on a sheet mask before your afternoon phone meeting, but for your next at home spa day, take 10 minutes to just be still. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and enjoy a well-earned break. Cocoon Apothecary’s Ancient Mud Facial Mask is the perfect treat to deep clean your pores and deliver a boost of antioxidants to skin.

Enlist your partner for a hand massage: 

With all the extra hand-washing going on, you might have found your hands have taken a hit and are feeling extra dry. Pure Anada’s Shea Hand Cream is deeply soothing and perfect for a quick hand massage to really help the cream absorb.

Try a new skincare tool: 

Gua Sha has been a buzz word in the skincare for a while and with good reason. Happy’s Rose Quartz Heart Shaped Gua Sha can help with de-puffing, improving circulation, and even reducing congestion. It also forces you to take a few minutes to focus on nothing but a soothing, repetitive motion. 

Finish with a hot beverage:

Cap off your spa day with a hot drink to keep you feeling relaxed for the rest of the day. Numi’s Organic Rooibos Chai tea has warming spices and mellow earthy tones. Or, if you’re feeling like more of a decadent treat, mix up a cup of Castle Kitchen’s Hot Chocolate Double Dutch Dark Chocolate

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