Our Top Fragrance Free Products – Staff Picks!

BeautyOur Top Fragrance Free Products – Staff Picks!

Our Top Fragrance Free Products – Staff Picks!

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Whether it’s your personal preference or your school or office policy, reaching for fragrance free products is always a great idea! But they can get a bad rep. Some of them might not truly be fragrance free, while others might leave you feeling let down.

But there are so many amazing, fragrance free products out there! To help you get started, our staff has rounded up five of their top fragrance free picks!

     1. The Unscented Company Lotion

Loved by Kaitlyn, Vitamins, Diet & Fitness Buyer

Love love love the The Unscented Company Lotion. I’ve had one om my desk for years and repurchase any time I run out. It’s unscented so it’s good for our fragrance-free office policy. Personally I love the lotion because it’s Canadian made, comes in a pretty glass container and isn’t tested on animals. The lotion absorbs quickly and keeps my hands comfortable especially in the winter when the office air is dry!

     2. Nature Clean Odour Remover Laundry Packs

Loved by Sam, Merchandising Planner

I’m obsessed with the Nature Clean Odour Remover Laundry Packs! I initially bought them to use with my gym clothes, but they work so well that I’ve started using them with every load. I LOVE that I don’t have to use a heavily scented, chemical filled product to get my clothes smelling fresh.

      3. Complex 15 Daily Face Cream

Loved by Amanda, Lead Designer
I have been using the Complex 15 Daily Face Cream for about 10 years, and my mother almost 20! I have dry, sensitive, eczema prone skin and love that this moisturizer doesn’t cause any flare-ups, while still being really moisturizing. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily. I use it both in the morning under makeup (gives you a nice natural glow!), and again after cleansing at night. Another plus – it’s under $10!

      4. Schmidt’s Deodorant Fragrance Free Jar

Loved by Sarah, Social Media Manager
Schmidt’s is a super well known deodorant brand, and for great reason! It’s affordable, they’re one of the few that offer a truly fragrance free scent, and their Deodorant Fragrance Free Jar comes in a cute, eco-friendly jar! The fragrance free formula is great for my sensitive skin but it’s still an effective product!

     5. Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash

Loved by Megan, Merchandising Associate
I have sensitive skin and I sometimes struggle to find products that don’t cause irritation. Recently I’ve been loving the Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash. This scent-free cleanser is super gentle, but still removes my makeup and thoroughly cleanses my skin without stripping away moisture. Plus, I love that Consonant is a Canadian company!

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