Staff Diaries: We Celebrate Our Moms This Mother’s Day

WellnessStaff Diaries: We Celebrate Our Moms This Mother’s Day

Staff Diaries: We Celebrate Our Moms This Mother’s Day

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Of course our moms know that we love and adore them (with a tattoo like that, how could they doubt it?), but just in case they’ve suddenly forgotten, we thought we’d remind them.

We asked around about what the staffers’ moms taught them about health and wellness…read on for what they had to say. Be sure to check our Facebook page to read the comments our readers shared with us – some will bring tears to your eyes and others will have you laughing out loud. Thanks, everyone for celebrating moms with us for Mother’s Day!

My mom taught me that everyday happiness depends on how we talk to ourselves. She’s taught me that thinking the best of yourself and looking for the positive will help keep a smile on your face.” – Nicole, Director of Customer Care

My mom turned into a Holistic Nutritionist after being a Marketing Director and  gave me the gift of introducing me to her new world, Natural and Holistic Medicine. The reason why I am a Homeopath and a 20 year veteran in the green & natural industry is because of my mom having all those weird vitamins in our cupboards and soy milks and odd juicers that made delicious carrot juices.” – Jenna, Category Manager

“My mom always encouraged me to be myself and love me for me no matter what.  On a quirkier note, she believes that a scoop of peanut butter a day keeps the doctor away…not so sure about that one.  ;)” – Rhonda, Inventory Analyst

“My mom has Type 1 Diabetes so growing up she taught all 4 kids that a healthy and balanced diet mixed with daily activity is key to her health and ours. She actually has the best diet out of anyone I know  – she is truly the definition of 50+ (I will not say her true age) and fabulous and I have adopted most of her healthy habits which is one of the greatest gifts she has given me and my siblings.” – Vanessa, Category Manager

“My mom taught me to love food and to cook with fresh and local ingredients!” – Erin, CMO

“My Mom has so many stunner one-liners, it is hard to choose! The ones that stick out in my mind: ‘See the good in people, and your life’; ‘Do your best to eat your veggies’ and  ‘Never go to bed angry. Breathe first and let it go.’” – Jill, Customer Care Specialist

“We laugh at how our mom was such a health nut she would give us sliced bananas with sprinkles on top for dessert, but now I find myself doing the same thing with my kids and they love it!  :)” – Tamara, Customer Care Representative

“My mother taught me that exercising everyday makes you a more positive and happy person.  And thanks to the Scarsdale diet, cottage cheese with fruit is a light and nutritious breakfast.” – Stephanie, Director of Marketing

My mom has been an amazing role model to me with regards to healthy living. I like to tease her that I was deprived of sugar and generally all yummy food as a child … because I was! There were no Twinkies or Oreos in our cupboards- but home made, half the sugar oatmeal cookies… carob chips instead of chocolate chips… the list goes on. I didn’t appreciate it then but I certainly do now!” – Anke, Senior Director, Merchandising

“My mother always told us to “always treat and respect others the way you wish to be treated and respected.” As a mother of three my wish for my children is to practise the same but most importantly be happy and your “health is your wealth” that’s from my dad lol 🙂 My mother just recently had two knee replacements and is down in the dumps, so I just want to say “Happy Mothers Day” love all your kids and grandkids!” – Gina, Warehouse Manager

“My mom taught me (and her mom taught her) that you should have at least 3 different colours on your meal plate to ensure that you are getting a variety of great nutrients, (and it will be more visually appealing).” – Lise-Anne, Accounts Payable

My Mom taught me how to do more with less, to eat more whole and homecooked foods, and that love, laughter and physical exercise keeps the heart and the mind healthy.” – Lesley, Senior Customer Experience Specialist

“As a kid, my mom always put fruit and cut up veggies in my lunch as my snack. I was always jealous of the kids that got candies and sweets. But, now that I am an adult, I understand why she did that and I am really grateful for her creating that healthy habit. My mom rocks!” – Clara, Accounts Payable

“My mother taught me stop worrying about the things I cannot control and to start focusing on the things I can.” – April, Customer Care

“My mom taught me the value of maintaining relationships.  She explained that so frequently, whether it be friends, family, or even with your significant other, people sometimes find themselves being distant or unavailable.  My mom said that you should never be afraid to reach out and make that connection, to be the person who makes the first step.  Don’t let pride get in the way after a fight or when feeling distance between yourself and someone you care about.” – Kevin, Merchandising Coordinator

“My mom taught me to tell people how you feel. Whether it’s happiness or anger, love or frustration, make sure people know. Life’s too short to pretend or to hide your feelings; especially the good ones.” – Jennifer, Digital Content Editor

“My mom has a sign in her kitchen that reads “you have to make your own sunshine”, this would have to be her motto. She was always making sure my brother and I did the things we loved and pursued the things we loved, that ultimately made us happy! She is my absolute role model!” – Amena, Category Manager

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