Staff Diaries: Our Favourite Natural Deodorants

BeautySkin CareStaff Diaries: Our Favourite Natural Deodorants

Staff Diaries: Our Favourite Natural Deodorants

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Natural deodorant can be an extremely touchy (or smelly?) subject. Many natural product users are nervous about buying a natural deodorant because they feel they just won’t work.

If you are thinking of making the switch to a natural deodorant, but don’t want to do the sniff test with a bunch of perfect strangers, we’re here and happy to help! We asked around the office and without having to do make many sniff-the-armpit requests (thankfully!) we got some honest opinions on what the staffers’ fave natural deodorants are.

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  1. Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting Natural Deodorant smells great.” ~ Rob, Technology Director
  2. “I’m partial to Lafe’s Lavender Deodorant Spray because it doesn’t stop perspiration from occurring, it prevents bacterial build-up, which is what causes the odour. With it you’re hitting the issue at the source, rather than blocking it after it’s begun. And it smells wonderful, so what’s not to love?” ~ Jenna, Category Manager
  3. “I’ve used the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Stick with Aloe with great success. I even use their spray on my feet on super hot days.” ~ Nicole, Director of Customer Care
  4. “I wanted to switch to a more natural, aluminum-free deodorant for a while and tried the Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant and was was quite impressed. I can even use it at the gym and I am still protected.” ~ Vanessa, Category Manager
  5. “The JASON Deodorant Stick in Calming Lavender is heavenly. I love the smell and have had more than a few people come up to me after yoga and ask how the heck I smell so delicious.” ~ Jennifer, Digital Content Editor

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