Our Beauty & Personal Care Buyer Predicts the Hottest Trends for 2018

BeautyOur Beauty & Personal Care Buyer Predicts the Hottest Trends for 2018

Our Beauty & Personal Care Buyer Predicts the Hottest Trends for 2018

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This was a trending ingredient in beauty & personal care in 2017 and isn’t going anywhere in 2018! Charcoal is an all-natural ingredient that quickly binds to chemicals, which is why it’s commonly used in detoxes. When incorporated into skin care products, charcoal draws unwanted dirt and oil from pores which result in fewer breakouts, smaller pores, and an overall flawless complexion. It is used in face masks and other skin care products that are targeted towards oily and acne prone skin. Charcoal works in a similar way when applied to toothpaste, hair care products, and deodorant by working as a magnet to naturally draw dirt, oil and impurities out of the body. Some great brands that offer charcoal-based beauty and personal care products are PiperWai and Boo Bamboo.


A green & natural focus is becoming increasingly popular within skin care, beauty, and personal care. Consumers are more aware of the harsh effects chemicals have on the body and are looking towards natural alternatives that deliver similar or better results in all realms of their lives including their beauty routine – after all, this is a product you are applying directly to your skin and body! In recent years, several amazing greens and natural beauty brands have emerged that not only offer chemical-free alternatives to skin care and makeup products, but they offer great results too! What’s really exciting is that the natural ingredients used in these products are nourishing and offer additional skin care benefits – common natural ingredients used in beauty products include aloe, coconut oil, fruit extracts, nut oils and avocado oil. If you’re looking to make the change to green in 2018, the recommended 5 products you should prioritize are lipstick, mascara, deodorant, shampoo & conditioner and fragrance due to the high absorbency of these products into the body.

2018 TREND #3: MISTS

Mists are a Korean skin care trend that that are making their way over to North America in 2018. They offer 24/7 hydration and other skin care benefits on the go and can be applied to a freshly washed face for added moisture or spritzed overtop of makeup for a glowing and dewy finish. Common uses for skin care mists include:

  • Hydration boosts for skin that feels tight, dry or flakey
  • Oil absorption and shine reduction anytime of the day
  • Achieving a dewy complexion with or without makeup
  • Pollution protection – Yes! Mists are even being designed to help shield the skin from harmful pollutants

Overall, mists serve many purposes and what’s great is that many mists are offered in travel-friendly sizes which ensures you can keep one on you anywhere you go. Try Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Travel Face Mist!


Highlighting is a popular makeup trend that attracts light to the high points of the face, creating a flattering and sculpted effect. Highlighters have an iridescent finish which has made shimmer a popular look in beauty products. Highlighters are to be applied to the areas of the face that light would naturally hit; down the bridge of the nose, on cheekbones, over the inner corners of the eyes, on the brow bone, on top of your cupid’s bow, and at the center of the forehead. Due to the popularity of shimmer, there are now products that allow you to add highlight and shimmer just about anywhere – even your hair!


A great way to treat yourself after the busy holiday season is with a rejuvenating mask which will continue to be a trending part of your beauty routine in 2018. There is hair care and skin care mask out there for every concern and masks are completely customizable, which makes this a trend that is here to stay. For example, someone with combination skin can cocktail their masks by using a charcoal mask on the t-zone to target oily skin and a hydrating mask on the remaining areas of the face to target dryness. Similarly, an oil absorbing hair mask can be used on the roots and scalp and a hydrating mask to the ends. What’s even better is that most masks require a 10-15 minute wait time before rinsing which gives you some added time to relax and unwind!


The latest trend in Aromatherapy which will be even bigger in 2018 is enhancing your well-being by taking the therapeutic properties and healing benefits of essential oils with you on the go. You can use essential oil roll-ons (try Blends with Benefits!), aromatherapy mists, lava bead jewelry and essential oil car diffusers anywhere – on the plane, in the car, at the office, at the gym or before/after/during yoga class. Whether you want to be soothed, uplifted or relieve a headache or muscle pain, these products have you covered.


In 2018, consumers will continue to make the move to time-saving at-home gadgets and devices. These tools range from high tech hair tools to sonic cleansing and face rollers to the best set of makeup brushes and are game changers for your beauty regime. They make multi-tasking a breeze and with time-saving benefits, they can even give back hours to your day. Key brands such as beautyblender, Nume and Zoe Ayla will revolutionize your beauty routine! Try this stunning Nume Classic Wand or this trendy set of Zoe Ayla Unicorn Brushes!


This trend is taking the bathing experience to a whole new level in 2018, going beyond just rest and relaxation to how to achieve a state of pure bliss in the bathtub. The days following the hectic holiday season are the perfect time to re-create the spa experience at home with music, candles, essential oils, bath bombs, heavenly salts and soaks, and flower petals. Consumers are even making their own bath bombs and salts to personalize the experience. This beautiful Rocky Mountain Soap Co. Bathing Bliss Gift Set is the perfect (on trend) choice for gifting!


The last few years have seen huge growth in men’s luxury grooming but 2018 will continue to see it grow and expand even more!!! Men’s grooming is going beyond the quest for the perfect shave to finding the perfect energizing face scrub, face tint or eye cream. A few of our natural (and Canadian!) favourites include Rocky Mountain Soap Co.’s Men’s Stuff Restorative Eye Cream and Urban Beard Butter.


The Face, body and hair oil trend is still going strong into 2018. Luxury natural body and face oils not only moisturize better than creams but you can’t beat the sensory experience that accompanies the application. They provide antioxidants and help boost collagen and elasticity while they moisturize. Some of our faves are Kosmea’s Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil and Briogeo’s Rosarco Oil for Dry, Damaged, & Brittle Hair. One of the trendiest body oils moving into 2018 is Moringa Oil – these oil seeds are rich in antioxidants and produce one of nature’s finest oils for hair and skin care. Try True Moringa – a couple of our top picks are: Simplicity Face, Hair, Body Oil and Ultra-Light Whipped Body Butter.

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