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While feeding methods may range from mom to mom, one thing always remains the same: moms are determined to do what’s best for them and their baby. Feeding and caring for your little one is an all-day/all-night love affair that can involve breastfeeding, pumping or a combination of both! Having the flexibility to be able to breastfeed and nourish your baby wherever you are is so important and that goes the same way when it comes to pumping.

Fortunately, pumping innovation is helping bridge the gap for nursing on-the-go and making it even more accessible for moms everywhere to have the tools they need to feed their baby, whenever and wherever is most convenient! That said, no breastfeeding, pumping and combo strategy are fully complete without a few tips for nursing on-the-go – see below for a roundup of the top tips we’ve heard along the way:

First things first – prep:

Preparation is 99% of the equation here. Deciphering what you’ll need to nurse comfortably while out and about, when baby’s nursing schedule is, and where you’ll want to nurse, is extremely helpful to think about before hitting the road! Having a flexible schedule can help accommodate yours and your baby’s nursing needs.

Next up – pump:

Pumping a bit before you head out for the day can help as a back-up plan! If you think there’s a chance you won’t be able to find a convenient spot to breastfeed while out, it can always help to have some milk on hand to hold you, and baby, over between feeding sessions.

Lastly, invest in a comfortable nursing bra (and get a pumping accessory to support):

Consider this a tool of the trade – a good nursing bra that gives you options. We mean one that is comfortable, supports you and gives Bravadoyou easy access to your breasts for all your nursing needs! A bra that can flex to support you while you’re out and about, all the way through to breastfeeding and pumping.

For ultimate comfort we suggest our award-winning Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra, which is known for its super soft fabric, having molded cups to keep a great shape and it’s easy to open and close, one-handed ‘Bravado B’ nursing clips.

To up the ante, we’ve created a pumping accessory that pairs with the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra – the Clip and PumpTM Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory. Designed to help provide mom with discretion on-the-go, this nursing accessory means that no-hands are required while pumping, so mom can pump while tackling other all other things on her plate. See how easy it is here:

With all of the recurring themes around the benefits of breast pumping for moms – ranging from its convenience, to its ability to help maintain milk production, all the way to allowing for family and spouses to help out with the feeding cycles – it most importantly enables mom to have flexibility in providing the best care for her baby, which is ultimately the most important! We hope these product tips and tricks will support every mom during her on-the-go nursing journey!

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