5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

Holiday5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

5 Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve At Home

new years eve at home

With all the holiday happenings (present wrapping, school concerts, baking drives, office parties, cookie swaps, nights out, family gatherings and shopping expeditions), we’re kind of tuckered out by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. So that’s why we’ve decided to stick close to home and toast the newest of years with the ones we love the most.

Spending New Year’s Eve at home with friends, family and littles can be a fantastic opportunity to have fun together and to whisk in the new year with the people you truly love. Here are five excellent ways to celebrate with your favourite people on New Year’s Eve.

1. Cook up a storm.

This is the night to have all the food that you and your family wouldn’t normally make at home for whatever reason. Ask everyone invited to contribute ideas and culinary skills to help turn it into a feast.

Light candles, use silverware and bring out the best china. Who says you can’t dine in style at home?

2. Have a games night.

Set up a board games night, with some cool prizes for winners, along with lots of delicious nibbles and drinks. Have games suited to all ages so that everyone can join in the fun.

If there is room or it’s warm enough outside, play games like foosball, air hockey, Wii sports, ping-pong or table tennis and shooting hoops.

3. Get outside.

New Year’s Eve might be warm in many parts of Canada this year, so why not take advantage of that?  Try the beach; check for skating rinks that are open; walk to your local park; or just navigate a favorite area of the city. If it ends up chilly you can still go out—you can go just about anywhere if you’re all bundled up.

4. Watch movies.

Choosing really good DVD material to watch gets everyone excited. Have each person choose a favourite. Start with movies for the younger crowd (like The Princess Bride or How to Train Your Dragon) and move from there. The kidlets may fall asleep before midnight so be prepared to truck them to bed while the older guests settle in for a favourite (think An Affair to Remember, When Harry Met Sally or even The Hudsucker Proxy). Think . Supply nibbles and drinks as usual, and you might want to provide distractions for the little ones if they can’t sit through a whole movie.

5. Make a New Year’s resolution together.

Many people like to make resolutions for the coming year. Sharing them with close family and friends can be an excellent way to ensure they’re kept. Plan to have another party half way through the year so everyone can share their progress and give each other encouragement to keep going.

Tips to make the night memorable:

  • Get dressed up. Nothing says celebration like a fancy dress or some sparkly makeup. Go all out—even if you’re not going out—to get into the mood. Make sure to have champagne, sparkling wine and some sparkling grape juice on hand for the toast at midnight (and if there are wee ones consider having an early toast and whisk them off to bed before having a quieter more adult toast at midnight).
  • Have an idea for the countdown planned well in advance. Choose something that rings in the New Year with a bang: light sparklers, drum on bongo drums, yell “Happy New Year” as loudly as possible all together..or just watch fireworks if you can see them from where you live.
  • Don’t forget the new year’s smooch with your spouse or date! If you’re not romantically attached, give a kiss to someone you care about and start the new year with love and happiness.

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