New Innovative Plastic-Free Deodorant For Sensitive Skin from ATTITUDE

Sustainable LivingNew Innovative Plastic-Free Deodorant For Sensitive Skin from ATTITUDE

New Innovative Plastic-Free Deodorant For Sensitive Skin from ATTITUDE

Natural and effective deodorants are hard to find, especially if you have sensitive or reactive skin. That’s  why ATTITUDE® decided to meet the growing demand for effective natural deodorants without baking soda. Wishing to offer a unisex solution with long-lasting protection to all people with reactive skin, ATTITUDE® now offers 4 variations of vegan deodorants for sensitive skin: an unscented version and three versions with subtle natural aromas.  

Presented in a revolutionary cardboard packaging that helps reduce our plastic consumption, this deodorant is part of ATTITUDE®’s vision towards a greener future. 

Baking soda-free formula suitable for sensitive skin  

  This natural deodorant contains EWG approved ingredients and is both aluminum- and baking soda-free. In fact, baking soda, this natural and powerful ingredient that eliminates odors, can be slightly irritating to the most sensitive skin. This hypoallergenic formula naturally neutralizes unpleasant b.o. all day, because its carefully chosen ingredients, such as magnesium hydroxide, neutralize bad smells without the need for aluminum compounds. The different versions of the deodorant contain various key active ingredients, like soothing grapeseed oil, repairing argan oil, healing avocado oil and calming chamomile.

 Thanks to its gentle formula enriched with soothing oat extract, and glycerin, known to be hydrating, this EWG VERIFIEDTM  deodorant is perfect for sensitive skin. Its creamy texture facilitates its application while providing maximum hydration, thanks to shea butter and coconut oil.

A deodorant for everyone 

The four versions of this innovative deodorant for sensitive skin, feature three lightly and naturally scented versions ranging from sweet and floral to fresh and woody aromas. For those with a delicate nose or a tendency to react to fragrances, ATTITUDE® has created an unscented version that is just as efficient fighting odors and humidity.  

Revolutionary biodegradable packaging  

The new ATTITUDE® deodorant for Sensitive Skin comes in an innovative all-cardboard packaging that greatly contributes to reducing our plastic consumption, so you can have both clean armpits and a clear conscience! It features a push-up design that replaces the traditional stick deodorant in plastic packaging. This biodegradable packaging concept fits perfectly within the company’s global circular economy vision: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reforest.  

Buy a product, plant a tree    

Since April 14, 2020, ATTITUDE® has enabled its clients to take part in the change to build a better, greener future with its new reforestation program. For each product sold, ATTITUDE® plants a tree in collaboration with two large non-profit organizations specializing in reforestation: Eden Reforestation Projects and One Tree Planted. Thanks to its faithful customers, more than a million trees have been planted in the span of a year. 

EWG VERIFIEDTM certification  

The entire ATTITUDE® sensitive skin deodorant line bears the EWG VERIFIEDTM seal from the Environmental Working Group, an organization dedicated to the safety of the public’s health and wellness. It conducts cutting-edge research to help consumers know which products are safe and which are harmful.  

The EWG VERIFIEDTM  seal means you don’t need to try and decipher the small lettering of ingredient lists! It makes your skin care shopping easier, simpler and overall better! The EWG’s industry-leading Skin Deep® online directory lists the ingredients for thousands of personal care products and the potential dangers associated with them, so you can find all the information you’re looking for on the same platform.  



Phew! Are you relieved that your quest for a natural and effective deodorant for sensitive skin is now officially over? 

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