What’s In A Naturopath’s Medicine Cabinet?

VideoWhat’s In A Naturopath’s Medicine Cabinet?

What’s In A Naturopath’s Medicine Cabinet?


Have you ever wondered what natural products a naturopath keeps in their medicine cabinet? We did too! Dr. Laura Belus shares her favourite products that she keeps in her medicine cabinet for immune support, overall health, and oral health.

What’s In Her Medicine Cabinet?

For Immune Support:

  • Innate Response C Complete Powder: This powerful powder contains 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C in a single scoop, plus bioflavonoids – which help vitamin C work even better! This is a great product to boost your immune system and prevent common colds.
  • St. Francis Herb Farm Deep Immune: This is Dr. Laura’s go-to product when she starts to get those first signs of cold & flu symptoms, and a secret weapon of hers for over ten years! To fight a cold, use a full daily dose at the first sign of infection, it really works!

For Everyday Health:

  • Genestra Active B Complex: Dr. Laura loves B vitamins, especially Activated B Complex such as this one from Pure Encapsulations. This helps with mood, energy, and hormone balance. If she’s feeling extra stressed, she takes a single dose in the morning with breakfast, and a single dose at lunch.
  • CanPrev D3 Drops: Each drop from this formula from CanPrev contains 1,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3, which is our recommended daily dose. It’s an easy way to ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D, which is especially important for long, Canadian winters!
  • NutraSea hp Extra-Strength EPA Omega-3: This is a product Dr. Laura doesn’t let go empty! These high-dose Omega 3’s help improve mood and skin health, because of the additional EPA’s.

For Sleep Support:

  • Orange Naturals Sleep With Magnesium + GABA & Melatonin: If you ever have trouble sleeping, or would live to sleep while travelling this supplement from Orange Naturals helps with sleep support. It contains melatonin, GABA, and magnesium to help you get to sleep, and stay asleep for the entire night.

For First Aid:

  • Boiron Arnicare Tablets: This is a wonderful product that helps to naturally speed up the healing process for any scrapes, cuts and bruises. It’s safe for the whole family too!
  • Aura Cacia Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil: 100% pure tea tree oil can be used for cuts, bruises, scrapes, or even as a spot treatment for blemishes. Look for a formula that is 100% pure for it to be most effective.

For Oral Health:

  • Eco-Dent GentleFloss Dental Floss Mint: As a naturopath, Dr. Laura is a firm believer that your oral health affects your overall health. She always keeps her bathroom stocked with a dental floss, this one from Eco-Dent has enzymes as well as tea tree oil built into the floss to keep your mouth feeling extra clean!
  • Green Beaver Cilantro-Mint Toothpaste: This all-natural, vegan toothpaste from Green Beaver is fluoride- and SLS-free, which means that it doesn’t have a lot of that foaming action you’d get from synthetic ingredients. It helps your mouth feel clean, and stay clean. The Cilantro-Mint flavour is a bit unique, but one of Dr. Laura’s faves – so give it a try if you’re brave enough!

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