5 Signs You’re Ready to Switch to Natural Beauty Products

Beauty5 Signs You’re Ready to Switch to Natural Beauty Products

5 Signs You’re Ready to Switch to Natural Beauty Products

Perhaps you’ve noticed a bit of a buzz lately about natural beauty. Curious about all the hype is about? Wondering whether you should make the switch to green & natural beauty products? Here are 5 signs that you’re ready to go natural with your beauty regimen:

1. You notice that you can’t pronounce the contents of your favourite beauty product besides ‘water’.

Less than 20% of chemicals found in beauty and personal care products have been assessed for safety, but choosing natural beauty is a great way to detox your daily routine.

2. You’re obsessed with organic food blogs, eliminating GMOs from your diet, and food labels. But have only just started to wonder about the safety of products that you put on your body as well as in your body.

It’s just as important to look for healthier options for the products you put on your body and face. Investigating organic and natural options can support your healthy lifestyle.

3. You hear that the average North American woman uses 12 beauty and personal care products each day, but your count is closer to 25.

You’re a beauty product junkie who can’t get enough of bright red lipsticks, facial serums, and perfumes. With natural beauty options, there’s no need to go without!

4. You’re concerned about the effects of microbeads on the environment and happy to hear about their potential ban.

Microbeads, tiny plastic particles used for exfoliation, cannot be processed out of water by sewage treatment plants. Eco-chic products contain exfoliants such as sugars or salts that break down in water and are kind to the environment.

5. You spend way too much time in the beauty aisle at your local drugstore, trying to figure out whether any of the products are green and natural.

Lately, one of your main hobbies is studying product labels. A great way to know what you’re buying is by using apps such as Think Dirty or Good Guide. Simply scan the product in question and you’ll have access to information about its contents.

But the easiest way to stay healthy and beautiful is to choose beauty, personal care and makeup options from Well.ca’s Green and Natural section. These are products that are good for your skin, your health, and the environment.


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