Tips for Growing Your Best Movember Moustache

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Tips for Growing Your Best Movember Moustache

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It’s November 7th, which means and you (or the man (or men!) in your life) has a whopping week of moustache growth under his under his nose. Is it horrible? Does everyone hate it? We can help; do not do this alone. Paying proper attention to the hair growing out of your face will prove you’re doing this seriously, and that you didn’t just forget to shave for a week (or four). Heed our advice below and you’ll successfully avoid looking like a bad 1970’s catalogue model until December, and longer.

Think about your face shape

Like glasses, moustaches are very personal accoutrements. What works for Nick Offerman or Tom Selleck might not work for you. You may not know right away what kind of moustache you will be growing, but as it comes in, pay attention and give it some love and you’ll be on the right track.

Go a bit over-beard

Because the transitional period of growing a new moustache can look a little awkward, just let it all grow at the beginning. And starting with a full beard leaves you the option of trying out different styles as it grows in. Plus it looks way better than looking as though you just missed a spot on your upper lip.

Take a minute to maintain

Take a closer look weekly to clean up loose hairs. And remember, always trim when the hair is dry, since it can appear longer when wet. Actually, just keep your fingers off your face as much as possible (your mother was right). We know the upper-lip area is going to get itchy, but you don’t want to get bacteria in your pores, which can cause ingrown hairs and make mustaches look gross, Quigley points out.

Be prepared (like a boy scout)

A moustache requires upkeep and men should know that upkeep requires tools. Make sure you’re armed with the following facial hair accessories and use them wisely.

  1. Get a moustache comb and a pair of small scissors. A few weeks in, start using the comb to ‘train’ the moustache hair to grow and sit in the direction you want it to. Use the scissors to trim any rogue hairs.
  2. Put a mirror in your shower; trust us, this will change your life. Once the hot water softens your whiskers and opens your pores, the optimal place to shave (the hair you don’t want) is in the shower.
  3. While in the shower, use an exfoliant to unclog pores, which will remove dry skin and leave skin clean and moisturized, in perfect shape for a great shave.
  4. When it comes to shaving, glycerin and plant-derived oils are your best buds. They help the razor glide across your skin, preventing irritation and leaving your cheeks smooth and kissable. Shea butter softens even the coarsest beard for a shave that leaves your skin touchable long after the razor is back on the shelf. Aloe Vera soothes while the natural oils moisturize.
  5. Shave and trim with one device with the Philips OneBlade. OneBlade let you trim sideburns and scruff at different lengths, or get a clean, close shave.
  6. Follow your shower, shave, trim and comb ritual with a dab of product like Urban Beard Moustache Wax Beeswax to keep the shape nice and neat.

Enjoy It

Having a moustache will get you attention. You determine if it’s good or bad. Following our advice above will make your moustache look like it’s meant to be there rather than there’s just a mouse hanging out on your upper lip.

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