@camleeyoga’s Morning Smoothie Must Haves

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@camleeyoga’s Morning Smoothie Must Haves

Say hello to @camleeyoga! A yoga teacher and mom from Vancouver with a passion for fitness and wellness. Camilla originally graduated with a degree in engineering, but started teaching yoga after her studies ended and quickly became obsessed. She has since fallen in love with helping others through fitness and the supportive community she’s created during her 10+ years teaching!  

Today, she is a full-time wellness content creator and yoga teacher that loves sharing, connecting and learning from her online community! We sat down with her to talk all things wellness, morning smoothies and her Well.ca must haves for the best New Year yet! 

How Do You And Your Family Approach The New Year?

I try to set achievable habits that I can maintain and that work well for our family and our schedule. Things like sleep, hydrating, and moving our bodies are important to us. We also try to get outside every day and explore – whether it’s a big adventure or just exploring our own city to get to know our local community better, we love trying new things as a family!

What Is Your Overall Intention For 2024?

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always loved learning. Even as a busy adult I focus on keeping this mentality, so this year I’ll be continuing to try new things, learn, and evolve as much as I can! 

What Does Wellness Mean To You?

For me, wellness is all about finding balance. Being self-employed and a mom, it can be hard to make time for self-care, but I always try to move every day. Whether it’s getting to the gym, going for a walk, or even having fun and playing with my active son.

What Do You Love Most About Shopping With Well.ca? 

There just never seems to be enough time in the day, so I love how I can get everything I need in one spot and I don’t even have to leave the house! Whether that’s household essentials, pantry staples, or even my beauty products. Over the years, I’ve been so impressed by Well.ca’s amazing selection of health and wellness products, and I love that it saves me so much time shopping from home!

What Are Some Of Your Top Picks From Well.ca For The New Year?

With a focus on healthy daily habits I can maintain, I’m getting back to basics with my ultimate morning smoothie. This includes a mix of the basics like high-quality protein, collagen and some superfood to help support my overall health goals. These are a few of my favourites: 


Genuine Health Fermented Organic Vegan Proteins+ Unflavoured & Unsweetened

Love this new vegan formula that is also fermented which means it’s easier to digest!




Organika Marine Collagen

A marine-based collagen that can be added to smoothies or taken on it’s own! 




PRANA Chia & Flax Whole

The perfect combination of flax and chia – two high fiber seeds I add to every smoothie – so convenient to have them both ready to go in one package!  



Botanica Perfect Greens Unflavoured (Certified Organic)

This superfood blend is the perfect way to add some greens to your morning smoothie!



What’s One Of Your Favourite Recent Purchases From Well.ca?


Definitely my Manduka PROlite Mat Midnight. There’s nothing worse than your yoga mat being too thin and feeling the hard ground during your movement session, and this mat is a game changer! It has just the right amount of padding, so you’re supported and comfortable without feeling like you’re sinking into an old foam pad. Also, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you’ll never need to buy another yoga mat! 


What Would A Perfect Day Look Like For Your Family?

For me, the perfect day would start with me having a productive morning and a nice movement session, followed up with spending lots of time making memories with my family! 

And Finally, What Is One Mantra You Live By That You’d Love To Pass On To Your Followers?

“Wellness starts with self-love.” 

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