Best Places to Hang Mistletoe

HolidayBest Places to Hang Mistletoe

Best Places to Hang Mistletoe

where to hang the mistletoe

Kissing under the mistletoe is one of the most romantic Christmas traditions around, so we’re looking for the best (and most creative) places to hang it this year. And since the holidays are in full swing, we kind of feel like sharing the love, so we’re stocking up on picture hooks and ingenuity and hanging it pretty much everywhere.

where to hang mistletoeBy the front door:

After braving the cold winter elements to walk the dog or do a quick grocery run, we’ll happily lend a wee peck to whomever was nice enough to allow us to stay snuggled up inside rather than braving the outside world ourselves.


where to hang mistletoeBy the back door:

If you have a barbecue outside mistletoe may entice your significant other (or you!) to head out to cook some ‘Q this holiday season. Every time the cook comes inside to warm up they’ll be rewarded with a wee smooch.


where to hang mistletoeIn the car:

This small piece of holiday zing certainly won’t go amiss the next time we’re stuck in a traffic jam. It’s the perfect reminder to kiss hello or goodbye, and may even tempt the kidlets to give mom or dad a peck on the cheek after giving them a lift.


where to hang mistletoeAbove the bed:

A kiss goodnight ensures sweet dreams (and that we never go to sleep angry). It looks pretty too, and isn’t as prickly as holly should one of us knock it down in the middle of the night.


where to hang mistletoeOver the dining table:

We certainly wouldn’t mind setting the table or cleaning up if every time we leave and come back to the table we get a peck. It’s a nice way of making sure certain chores get done with a smile.


where to hang mistletoeOver the stairs to the basement:

Perhaps asking someone to run down and grab something in the cold and the dark won’t be as difficult if they’re always rewarded with a kiss…?



where to hang mistletoeOn top of the tree:

While it’s not as glitzy as a star or angel, a mistletoe topper is sure to spread some love all around. Jazz up a sprig or two with ornaments and sparkle for the perfect new add-on to your tree.


where to hang mistletoeOn your hat or lapel:

Ensure a kiss from anyone with a sprig attached to you at all times. Beware however, you may get more than you intended.



best places to hang mistletoeOn your phone:

If you really want to get the kisses whenever and where ever, snap a pic of the holiday kiss-inducer and put it as your lock screen on your phone. That way, whenever you want, you can hold it over your head. Again, use caution…

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