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Lunch bags and food containers are a great way to reduce waste and save money. And there are so many possibilities of what to pack for lunch when you have the right containers! Here’s everything you need to organize back to school lunches for everyone in your family:



  1. Parkland Rodeo Lunch Kit in Pink Polka Drops: Of course you’ll want a lunch bag for your little one who’s off to school for the very first time. Parkland Rodeo lunch bags in fun patterns are great for little kidlets!
  2. Bumkins Large Reusable Owl Snack Bag: Made from an easy-wipe fabric, this bag is great for messy snacks. Reusable bags can be used for any size snack and even sandwiches, so stock up to have enough on hand for everyone to use!
  3. Boon Trunk Snack Box: For picky eaters, keep snacks in separate compartments with cute snack containers.
  4. Skip Hop Zoo Lady Bug Snack Cup: Pack small snacks in this mess-free cup that’s the perfect size for little hands.
  5. Crocodile Creek Owl Ice Pack Set: Ice packs are a must! Keep their meal fresh until the lunch bell rings with these cute ones.
  6. Goodbyn Hero in Pink: Meal options are endless with this three compartment lunch kit that also comes with two separate containers. Store a sandwich and snacks, dip and veggies, or anything you like!
  7. Zoli Dine Insulated Food Jar in Pink: For hot lunches, you’ll need an insulated food jar that’s perfect for pint-sized portions. Sending a hot lunch to school opens so many meal possibilities! For ideas of what to pack for a hot lunch, check our this post.
  8. Boon Butterfly Bento: For an all-in-one solution, the trending bento box is a go-to. These lunch boxes are easy for little fingers to open and keep snacks and meal separate.
  9. Sugarbooger Clear Tritan Princess Flip & Sip Bottle: Don’t forget about a beverage for your preschooler! This Sugarbooger bottle has a flip-up sprout so that your child can drink without a mess.

Grade School


  1. Sugarbooger Zippee Lunch Tote Happy Camper: For your kid who’s starting a new grade, send them with a lunch bag that’s fun and will fit their whole lunch.
  2. Colibri Reusable Snack Bag Super Boy: This snack bag is big enough to fit a sandwich, and corresponds with smaller reusable bags for snacks. Make sure to get doubles in case these adorable bags get left at school!
  3. Goodbyn Portions on the Go in Blue: These containers nest and travel well together. They have enough compartments and containers for lunchtime meal and snacks.
  4. Kikkerland Polar Bear Hot & Cold Pack: Toss this cute pack in the freezer the night before school and then pack it up in the morning. It’ll keep food fresh until lunch.
  5. Eco Vessel Collapsible Silicone Single Compartment Container in Blue: This container is great for larger meals, and after lunch is done it collapses away for easy storage.
  6. Kids Konserve Insulated Food Jar in Ocean Blue: Insulated food jars like this one are perfect for a hot lunch for your grade-schooler.
  7. Joli Bento Kotori Bento in Navy: Another bento that can fit enough food for lunch and snacks. This owl bento is great for when you’re short on space.
  8. LifeFactory Glass Bottle Blue Classic: The silicone sleeve around this glass bottle means that it won’t slip out of your kid’s hands. It also has a leak proof lid, so it won’t spill when jostled around in a backpack.



  1. Fluf Grub Big Lunch Bag: For growing appetites, pack lunch in a bag that can hold it all.
  2. Fluf Arrowhead Zip Pouch: Another machine washable snack bag winner. This larger size, however, can also be used as a pencil case or organizer for a high school locker. Don’t forget to grab a few for each different use.
  3. Onxy Large 2-Layer Sandwich Box: Got a high school kid going through a grow spurt? Fuel their appetite by sending them to school with this lunch box that can hold two sandwiches, or a sandwich and large snacks.
  4. Silikids Siliskin Snack Bags: If you don’t want to lose cute snack bags at the bottom of a locker, try these reusable bags instead. They’re bigger than most reusable snack bags and can be written on (and wiped off) to identify who they belong to or the date they first went to school!
  5. IRIS Barcelona Insulated Thermal Container: This hot lunch container can hold up to a full litre of homemade soup, stews, pasta, or other favourite hot lunch staples.
  6. Monbento MB Square in Black: This large bento is a great all-in-one for hungry teens. It has two airtight containers, plus other dividers to portion and separate meal and snacks.
  7. Monbento MB Pocket Nomad Cutlery Set in Grey: To go with your teen’s bento or lunch bag, pack this set of cutlery. It has its own case so that it’s less likely to get lost between school and home.
  8. Klean Kanteen Vacuum Insulated Classic Water Bottle Shale Black Matte: Pack a large, durable water bottle for use at lunch or during after-school sports.



  1. Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote in Lush Flower: Don’t forget yourself! If you’re looking for a functional and adorable lunch bag, look no more! This one is roomy enough for all your food and insulates up to four hours.
  2. Fluf Good Eats Snack Packs: These snack and sandwich bags can fit large snacks and are washable, so this set of two bags can be used over and over again. Grab some for every day of the week, then wash them all on the weekend!
  3. Happy Jackson Lunch Box, Healthy Snacks: How cute is this little lunch kit? It has room enough for a sandwich and a snack (or two), and the elastic inclosure hides a quirky surprise.
  4. Colibri Reusable Snack Bag Large in Purple Forest: These eco-friendly snack bags will replace all your disposables. They’re water resistant and food staff, and come in so many other lovely prints.
  5. Kikkerland Fox Hot & Cold Pack: And to match your animal friends (and keep your food fresh), this cold or hot pack fits in lunch bags or kits.
  6. U-Konserve Insulated Food Jar in Neon Pink: For hot meals, pack an insulated container such as this one. It will keep your meal warm until it’s time to break it out at lunch. Or you can pack something cold such as a smoothie, and it will hold that temperature as well. For more tips on how to pack a hot lunch, click here.
  7. Monbento MB Original The Bento Box in Fuchsia & White: For days when you want something quick and easy, pack your lunch in a bento box. This lunch kit helps you to create perfectly portioned meals.
  8. bambu All Occasion Veneerware Sporks: Whether you’ve packed a cold or a hot lunch, don’t forget what you need to dig in — cutlery! These uniquely designed, double-ended sporks are reusable as well biodegradable. And their small size makes them easy to pack up.
  9. S’well Galaxy Collection Supernova Stainless Steel Water Bottle: For daily hydration, take one of S’well’s gorgeous, trendy patterned bottles along with you. Supernova from the Galaxy collection is eye catching, and their Rose Gold version from the Metallic collection is absolutely stunning.

Packing lunch for school or work is so much easier once you’re organized. And with these containers, you’ll not only be ready for back to school, but buying reusables means you’ll save money (and the environment) as well!

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