Live Clean: Responsible Beauty and Personal Care That Actually Works

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Live Clean: Responsible Beauty and Personal Care That Actually Works

Anyone who knows me knows I have dry skin—especially in the colder months. I’m constantly itching, scratching and complaining about it (it’s extremely attractive, let me tell you). A few years ago I got on the natural moisturizer train. I got on and I will happily never get off of it again, especially when there are awesome natural moisturizers to help me with my itching and scratching (I still complain but not about the same things). One of the first few brands I tried, I fell in love with. With a broad product line made in Canada from natural ingredients, I was hooked.

Want to know what has me hook, line and sinker? Here are 6 picks that are staples in my bathroom right now—all from Live Clean.


First off, the shampoo I use smells absolutely heavenly. I actually get compliments like those old shampoo commercials “gee your hair smells terrific!” (Not from strangers, but from my son mostly when I take my hair out of its perennial bun). It makes my long hair feel soft and silky and ready to be conditioned: Live Clean Argon Oil Restorative Shampoo.


I can’t leave the shower without conditioning my hair…unless I want a matt of hair the size of a football adorning the side of my head all day. This conditioner cuts through tangles like nobody’s business and it hydrates and nourishes without adding any greasiness to my hair. And like the shampoo, it smells lovely and leaves my hair in perfect condition (even with regular hot rollers, hair spray, hair colour and multiple hairstyles): Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argon Oil Restorative Conditioner.

Body Lotion

As soon as October 1st rolls around I turn into an itching machine. I have sensitive and dry skin, which if you have it yourself, you know is a horrible combination. You get itchy so you apply moisturizer but your skin is sensitive to whatever is in it and you itch some more. It’s a circle of itch and it’s awful. Finally a few years ago I found myself with a bottle of coconut milk moisturizer and gave it a try. I had tried pure coconut oil but found it too greasy but this product was the perfect combination of coconut milk and oil that it was absorbed by my skin and moisturized at the same time, without leaving a greasy mess behind: Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Body Lotion.

Body Wash

Step one of ridding yourself of dry skin is to invest in a good, moisturizing body wash. I never knew this when I was younger and just used whatever my mom had bought, sometimes leaving the shower itchier than I’d gone in! This body wash smells amazing, lathers up really well (so you only need a little bit), rinses clean and leaves my skin feeling soft all over: Live Clean Bali Oil Nourishing Body Wash.

Baby Products

While I no longer have a “baby” in my house, I do have a child who has unfortunately inherited my dry skin. Luckily, his only rears it’s head in the uber cold months, so he doesn’t suffer as much as I do. I keep two specific baby bath products on hand, just for him (and sometimes for me, when I’m feeling a little babyish—it happens).

Tearless Foaming Wash

This mild, tear-free, clinically tested formula gives kids a soft, rich lather to wash with that is infused with certified organic chamomile, lavender, and aloe. My son sometimes uses it in his hair as well as on his body and loves it. I love that my munchkin comes out of the shower smelling more like a baby than a teen…is that crazy? Live Clean Baby Tearless Foaming Wash.

Baby Moisturizer

A natural plant-based lotion enriched with certified organic chamomile and lavender is both comforting and soothing to dry skin of all ages. The aloe gently moisturizes and the non-greasy formula absorbs quickly leaving skin soft, smooth and supple with a gentle—but not sweet—scent: Live Clean Gentle Moisture Baby Lotion.

Special Mention

I had friends come to town for a wedding recently, leaving me in charge of their rather rambunctious two-year-old for the evening. They warned me and warned me about how hard he was to get to sleep at a decent hour and I told them if it meant staying up with him until they got home at midnight I was fine with that. But they didn’t know about my secret weapon: baby bubble bath with lavender. I tired him out by taking him to the park and then a walk for gelato. Then I gave him a bubble bath with this stuff and put him in clean pajamas and tucked him into bed and we read. He was out like a light. Seriously, this stuff is the bomb: Live Clean Baby Calming Bedtime Bubble Bath and Wash.


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