I Tried Beacon Digital Therapy – Here’s What I Learned

WellnessI Tried Beacon Digital Therapy – Here’s What I Learned

I Tried Beacon Digital Therapy – Here’s What I Learned

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In a time when we’re always busy, Beacon digital therapy is a convenient way to invest in yourself.

Digital therapy means you can skip the stress of taking your time and energy to travel to therapy, while eliminating the draining wait times to get you the mental health care you deserve, right now.

What You Get with Beacon

Beacon includes an online assessment reviewed by a therapist and a personalized course of therapy that includes reading and activities.

You’ll have a dedicated therapist to guide you for up to twelve weeks, offering suggestions, clarifications, or new skills for you to practice. After you’ve finished Beacon, you’ll have access to all readings and resources for up to twelve months.

The Beacon Assessment

Before starting digital therapy, you’ll go through a detailed assessment that helps gauge your specific needs, allowing Beacon to tailor your treatment to your mental health concerns.

Depending on your personal history and journey, like me, you may find the polling a little emotionally difficult – it can bring up a lot of feelings! I suggest finding somewhere private to take the assessment. Although it was difficult, it was ultimately validating to know that I’m not alone in my struggles and help was a few clicks away!

Beacon Makes your Mental Health Tangible

One of my favourite parts of my Beacon digital therapy journey was that they break down each of your mental health concerns into bite size, easy to digest sections.

I find that understanding your mental health concern is a key component to being able to cope with and manage it better and Beacon does a great job of applying relatable scenarios and easy to understand concepts.

Beacon’s Digital Therapy has Real Life Applications

I found the tips and coping strategies easy to remember when I really needed them.

It wasn’t long before I was able to apply breathing and calming techniques from my “treatment sessions” to real life moments that helped ground my thoughts and helped me feel better about conquering the next obstacle.

Beacon’s Digital Therapy Is Interactive

Some of the sections in Beacon’s digital therapy includes worksheets and diaries or notes, broken down into easy to answer questions with examples to help put your struggles into words.

This allowed me to physically interact with the content and actively think about my mental health care. By asking specific questions it helped change the way I saw my mental health struggles and how I could thoughtfully cope.

The Bottom Line

I recommend Beacon Digital Therapy for anyone. You don’t need to have a clinical illness to benefit from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

It’s a great start for anyone looking to improve their thinking and develop healthy coping strategies and tools to practice good mental health. Self care goes beyond our physical bodies and simple destressing; Beacon proves there’s a lot to benefit from changing our behaviours and considering new ways of thinking.

Is Beacon Digital Therapy something you’d try?

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