How to Use a Safety Razor |

VideoHow to Use a Safety Razor |

How to Use a Safety Razor |

Made in Vancouver, Canada, these beautiful razors are a great way to reduce plastic waste in your personal care routine.

Well Kept Safety Razor

To assemble your razor simply unscrew the handle from the top and insert the blade in there. For the easiest change put all the pieces on the counter top while you switch them out, and avoid changing blades in the shower.

Although a safety razor might seem intimidating at first, you really use them exactly like your current razor. Hold the handle at no more than a 30-degree angle and gently slide across the skin.

Well Kept just launched their Razor Wrap, a this travel case to fit your razor, spare blades and blade bank. It tightly rolls up to protect the razor and protect your fingers when searching for it at the bottom of your toiletry bag.

Well Kept often get questions about how to deal with old blades.  While they are recyclable, due to how sharp they are, they cannot be recycled in your curb-side pickup. Well Kept’s blade bank is the perfect place to safely store your used safety razor blades. Once full, send it back to them so they can recycle it for you AND send you a new blade bank!

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