How to Strengthen Your Immunity with Herbs and the SEED Strategy

WellnessHow to Strengthen Your Immunity with Herbs and the SEED Strategy

How to Strengthen Your Immunity with Herbs and the SEED Strategy

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Finding simple, accessible steps to strengthening your immune system naturally is easier than ever with a holistic strategy! Let’s talk about the steps you can take to protect you and your family.

What is Your Immune System?

Our immune system protects our body from infection and illness and is made up of two types:

  • We’re born with innate immunity, a system of immune defences that reacts quickly to threats like bacteria and viruses. Taking a proactive approach ensures this system is as strong and efficient as possible.
  • Throughout life, our immune system learns and adapts to generate antibodies that react to specific invaders. This is our adaptive immunity. When we support the body and our immune health with re-active measures, we develop these antibodies.

The SEED Strategy

A simple series of actions that fortify your immunity can be found in the “S.E.E.D. strategy”. Everyday lifestyle habits, supplementing, and the power of plant medicine supports the body’s proactive and reactive defenses against infections.

S = Sleep & De-stress: Practice techniques that manage and reduce stress like meditation, journaling, yoga, and with herbal support. Prioritize healthy sleep habits by reducing screens and stimulants in the evening, and setting up a dark, soothing bedroom to get at least eight hours of quality sleep a night. ValeriCalm tincture can also help with getting a good night’s sleep.

E = Eat well & supplement: “Eat the Rainbow” for a  variety of nutrients from colourful fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Supplement where there may be gaps in the diet, like with vitamin D!

E= Exercise:Find what moves you in a healthy way that you enjoy!

D = Defend with Plant Medicine: Herbs have been used for centuries in health-protective tonics to ease symptoms and speed healing from illness. Looking to these traditional uses, we can prepare an effective defense of both proactive and reactive herbal support.

What Kind of Pro-active Herbal Support Should You Use?


They say that prevention is the best cure andyou can be pro-active and strengthen your natural defenses with adaptogenic herbs. These herbs help to calibrate your immune system to keep it from being either overactive or under-active by adapting to the state of your body and what it needs. Essentially, they help to maintain a balanced immune system!

This holistic approach to healthy immunity inspired the best-selling Deep Immune daily formula from St. Francis Herb Farm. It’s a blend of six powerful plant medicines that are carefully crafted in a to maximize their unique benefits.

Deep Immune is comprised of time-honoured adaptogenic herbs that include astragalus, codonopsis, licorice, and eleuthero (Siberian ginseng).

As part of the SEED Strategy, Deep Immune formula can be taken daily starting in August as a proactive defence for when greater socialization starts in September.

Deep Immune is available in capsules, a licorice-free formula, and in a formula designed specifically for kids.

What Kind of Re-active Herbal Support Should You Use?

If symptoms strike, specific herbs can help your body defend and heal itself. Take these herbs as soon as you feel symptoms to avoid sickness from setting in or to lessen the length and severity.

  • For general symptoms you can take antibacterial Oreganum Plus 1:1 oregano oil, or EchinAce echinacea to fight off infection.
  • For specific symptoms like sore throat or a deep cough you can take products that get to the root cause like Respirafect formula or that help relieve discomfort like Stop It Cold® Throat Spray.

Supporting your immunity, and defending your health has never been more important, but rest easy  knowing there are everyday ways to bolster your body’s natural defences!

Are you ready to take charge of your immunity and protect your health?

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