How to Pack a Sustainable Litterless Lunch

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How to Pack a Sustainable Litterless Lunch

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The back to school season is here and although it may look a bit different, it’s safe to say that lunch is still our favourite class of the day.

Whether you’re working from home, schooling from home, or just thriving at home, lunch is a fan favourite highlight of the day. But even at home, it can be difficult to have a sustainable, no-waste lunch. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible, so I’m challenging you to go litterless for your next lunch! To get you started, here are my litterless lunch essentials.

  1. Dalcini Little Lunch Combo

This is a sustainable staple! It’s got space for everything and everything is in its space – A.K.A. I’m in love.

Try out this little lunch combo to make lunchtime a more relaxing and sustainable experience. I’ve found that while working at home, it’s sometimes hard to step away from my workspace long enough to put something together for lunch. Even though I’m working just a few steps from the kitchen, it’s so much easier to pack a lunch box the night before so that on a busy afternoon I can just grab my ready-to-go lunch and keep on keeping on!

  1. Stasher Sandwich Bag

If you’re rocking a lunch on the go, I totally get it. A lunchtime walk is a great way to get your steps in, but it’s not an excuse to resort to using a plastic sandwich bag so that you can snack while you stroll.

Stasher silicone sandwich bags are a great, sustainable alternative to plastic bags. They also make for a delicious walking buddy so that your lunchtime walk can be a litterless one. A win for your body, for your tummy, and for the planet!

  1. Soma Reusable Water Bottle

For lunch, snack, and everything in between, LET’S! STAY! HYDRATED!

It’s kind of important. But doing it sustainably is also pretty important. So, let’s kick our single-use plastic bottles to the curb (in a recycling bin) for the last time and embrace the  reusable bottle! It’s a small, but impactful step we can all take to reduce waste and give some love to the planet. It’s also  super beneficial for us as users too. The Soma bottle holds more water than a traditional single-use plastic bottle, it has a handle for easy carrying, and it’s shatter resistant! It’s also really pretty, which is less important but also important.

  1. Onyx Reusable Straws

It’s summer, which means it’s hot as heck, which means it’s iced coffee season! I’m not sure about the science behind it, but iced coffee tastes at least 60% better when you drink it through a straw. It’s just a fact.

That’s why Onyx reusable straws are my go-to for a litterless mid-afternoon pick me up (because we all need one!). Since we’re big fans of turtles and therefore not at all fans of plastic straws, these stainless steel straws from Onyx are the perfect solution. They’re also amazing if you’re pairing your litterless lunch with a yummy green juice or smoothie!

I can’t wait to see your next litterless lunch! Post a story and tag @welldotca to show us your yummy sustainable creations.

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