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How to Pack a Hot Lunch

Hot lunches can be so comforting for upcoming chilly fall days. Packing a hot lunch is easier than you think if you have the right stuff, and it opens up a whole range of new lunch possibilities. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to enjoy a home cooked midday meal!

Step 1

Make sure you have an insulated lunch bag or box. Parkland Rodeo Lunch Kit, Zoli Nom Nom, or Built Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote are all great options.

Step 2

Prepare your meal/recipe. Soups, stews, chilies, casseroles, pasta dishes and stir fries are all excellent hot lunch options. Slow cooker and make ahead meals are also great ways to pack a hot lunch. And if you’re stuck for ideas, click here for a bunch of hot lunch options.

Step 3

Choose the right containers. Insulation is key. Kleen Kanteen Stainless Food Canisters keep food hot for up to 4 hours and are leak proof. And Onyx has a two-layer food container that’s designed with more than one compartment for keeping food hot. U-Konserve has a food jar that’s vacuum insulated like a thermos, so that lunch will be hot when you’re ready to eat it! And don’t forget your cutlery! Grab a set of biogradeable, reusable cutlery from EcoSouLife and you’re set.

Step 4

Pack your hot meal with cold snacks. If you’re partial to a hot meal with a side of salad or cut up veggies, you might be wondering how to pack your lunch. With insulated thermoses like the ones from IRIS Barcelona, it’s very easy to pack cold and hot food together in the same lunch bag. First, get an ice pack like the cute animal themed ones from Kikkerland. Place it between the wall of your lunch pack and the thermos containing yogurt or snack pack containing veggies and hummus.

Then, take a cloth napkin and wrap it around the thermos containing your hot lunch or lay it flat between you cold and hot containers. If you’ve chosen an insulated container, there won’t be any heat transfer to those cold treats! With these steps, you’ll be ready to pack a hot lunch for everyone in your family.

Do you pack a lunch that’s warm and yummy? What are your personal tips and tricks? It’s your turn to let us know in the comments!


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