How to Look and Feel your Best During Allergy Season

BeautyHow to Look and Feel your Best During Allergy Season

How to Look and Feel your Best During Allergy Season

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As we head into summer, seasonal allergies are in full swing. Experts say that due to climate change and temperatures rising earlier in the year pollen counts have been especially high this spring, making seasonal allergy symptoms worse. High pollen counts, paired with spending more time outdoors is wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers across the country.   

As a beauty expert who suffers from allergies, I have tips, tricks and go-to products that help me combat and conceal allergy symptoms so that I can look and feel  my best while making the most of these sunny days.  

Pollen is what gets me, whenever I step outside during allergy season I start to suffer. I wake up with puffy, itchy eyes and a congested, runny nose. This is frustrating for someone that has to be camera ready. Luckily, I have found ways to conceal and combat my allergy symptoms so I can go about my day looking and feeling my best. When my allergies symptoms are bad, I take Reactine®️ Rapid Dissolve @reactineca, because they work fast, and they’re effective all day – basically, they’re the ideal coworker to combat indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms throughout the year!  Since they dissolve in seconds, without water – I can get quick relief, anywhere, anytime.

Products that De-puff
Using a cool stone tool like a Gua Sha or jade / rose quartz roller to massage around the nose and the under-eye area helps to alleviate sinus pressure, increase circulation, as well provide a cooling sensation that helps with relaxation and de-puffing.

Scalp & Neck Massages
A gentle massage with light pressure from fingers in upwards and outwards motion from the inner part of the face helps facial muscles to relax and relieves tension. Applying gentle pressure in the sinus area and specific parts of the forehead/temple can assist in lymphatic drainage.  Additionally, scalp and neck massages with a calming essential oil (like lavender) mixed into a carrier oil or serum before a bath or shower really help with deeper relaxation, especially paired with practicing deep rhythmic breathing.

Store Skincare in the Fridge 

Storing some skincare in the fridge before applying it to your face will help to cool and de-puffs in the morning. Keeping sheet masks in the fridge can also aid in de-puffing your face if you wear one while you bathe or before bed.

Conceal redness 

Using a micro vibrating tool under the eyes along with favourite facial oils or eye creams can help skin absorb products better. 

Applying skin matching concealer gently with light dabs around the nose area and the under eyes will help cover up any signs of redness. Keeping a skin matching powder compact and a good neutral scented lip or face balm around for midday touch-ups after blowing nose is also very handy! The balm can be applied around the nose and lips when very chapped; once that absorbs (blot any excess), reapply concealer and/or powder when needed.

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