How To Live More Sustainably With The Accidental Environmentalist

WellnessHow To Live More Sustainably With The Accidental Environmentalist

How To Live More Sustainably With The Accidental Environmentalist

Where does the term “Accidental Environmentalist” come from? Well, I kind of fell into sustainability; I really did.  It came about accidentally with my fashion brand, Preloved Toronto, which I founded in 1995. From my sustainability journey of almost 29 years, I’ve learned that the best changes are small ones you can commit to.   


Whether you’ve been on the sustainability path for ages or just getting started, I suggest looking at your daily, weekly, and monthly routines.  What are you already doing, what do you have to do every day? Then, consider what parts of your routine you can change or swap out. And do it slowly, you know: change one thing this month, add another next month, stack your sustainable habits, and never look back! The changes can be so small that they’ll feel accidental! 

So let’s tackle some everyday areas of our lives—do it slowly, that’s the most sustainable way! 



Alright, self-care is a big zone. It can include anything from everyday hygiene to a monthly hair mask, so we have much to play with and tweak! 


Shampoo & Conditioner Bars:  

Cutting plastic bottles right out, I love these shampoo and conditioner bars from Notice Hair Co., and they’re great for traveling!


Reusable Cotton Rounds:  

Cut down on waste by switching to a reusable cotton pad like these Midnight Paloma cotton rounds.




This reef-safe sunscreen is made with vegan ingredients that are good for you AND the planet!


Kiima Refillable Plastic-Free Deodorant:  

How many plastic bottles of deodorant do you run through a year? These Kiima deodorants are plastic-free AND refillable! 



The beating heart of the home is a great place to offset some waste, be it snacks, cleaning products, or dishes! 


Dish Duty:

Whether you’re manually doing the dishes or popping them in the dishwasher, there’s a planet-friendly alternative. Drop the plastic dish soap bottles and opt for a bar and wooden brush like this set from The Bare Home.


Plastic-Free Coffee Pods: 

If you’re a busy bee, and love your coffee maker, these are a great biodegradable option, and they’re delicious! 


Natural Dishwashing Tabs:

If you’ve got a dishwasher, here’s a great plastic-free, biodegradable option.


Stainless Steel Containers: 

I try to pack my meals when on the road, avoiding single-use cutlery and packing waste. These stainless steel containers are a game changer and last forever.


Raw Solar Snacks: 

Support a local brand, like these Raw Solar Farm kale snacks, made locally here in Canada and in part with solar energy.



I’m obsessed with looking for more natural alternatives in my cleaning routine because cleaning is a constant in my life!  


All-Purpose Cleaner:  

This Myni all-purpose tablet is amazing, just add water and you’re off!


Dryer Balls:  

Forget dryer sheets that are ultimately destined for landfill, these reusable dryer balls will last you forever and help your clothes dry quicker! Tip: add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to the balls before popping them in the dryer!


Laundry Sheets:  

No more lugging around plastic jugs of detergents, these laundry sheets go right into the machine, and leave your clothes smelling amazing! 


Toilet Tabs:  

Take on the toilet with these natural toilet tablets, made with naturally derived ingredients and a biodegradable formula! 


Whether you’ve fallen into sustainability accidentally like me or you’re diving in head first, remember sustainability is a habit we can develop. Every action you take, no matter how big or small, creates a positive impact on Planet Earth! 




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