How to Have a Tropical Staycation

WellnessHow to Have a Tropical Staycation

How to Have a Tropical Staycation

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It’s that time of year when everyone I know seems to be visiting tropical destinations. My social media feed is filled with beaches, palm trees, and fruity cocktails. It can be hard to get through winter without a vacation to look forward too, but who says you need to fly across the world to feel relaxed and rejuvenated? Here’s how you can spice up your weekly routine with elements of a tropical destination, no passport required!

Step 1: Set a Sunshine-Inspired Menu

One of the best parts of visiting a resort is enjoying the delicious local flavours. Get out of a cooking rut with these fun resort-inspired recipes:

Step 2: Warm Up Your Workout Routine

While you might not be hoping on a plane headed for the equator, you can still find some warmth wherever you are. When winter gets harsh, I like to treat myself to a hot yoga class. For beginners, I recommend bringing a yoga towel as things can get sweaty! In addition to hot yoga, I also like to visit the sauna and hot tub at my gym, both of which relax muscles that can get stiff in the winter cold.

Step 3: Bring Warmth into Your Space

While it may be winter outside, creating a warm and inviting living space can help keep the cold at bay. Take some time one evening to refresh your space in little ways such as rearranging the furniture, trying a new candle, adding a plant, or even fun décor elements like these light-up bananas or a palm leaf corkboard. Changing up your living environment can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Step 4: Sip in Style

Conventional advice is to drink water with meals, but you’re on vacation! So, why not treat yourself to a fun, fruity drink? Try making tropical cocktails with this mango lime mix or  orange bitters. If mocktails are more your style, Seedlip offers non-alcoholic spirits perfect for mid-week cocktails. And who needs a coconut when you can drink your cocktail out of this adorable floral stemless tumbler?

Step 5: Take Time for Yourself

Vacation is a time to unwind, but you don’t need a beachside resort to take care of yourself and relax. Carve out a little bit of time in your week to relax and do what makes you happy, whether that means a cup of tea and a good book, or an at-home spa evening. Pamper yourself with a coconut oil bath bomb, mango overnight mask, or this piña colada lip duo.

Step 6: Bring Back a Souvenir

Nothing says vacation like souvenir shopping, but who says you need to leave home to get yourself a gift? Treat yourself to a little present to remind yourself that you CAN take time to relax, no matter how hectic life gets. How about a 4Ocean bracelet that helps clean up trash from the ocean,  reusable bamboo straws for your fruity drinks, or coconut incense to set an island mood anytime?

Winter can be tough, but these tips will hopefully allow you to fit a little bit of the islands into your week!

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