How To Have a Stress-Free Vacation

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How To Have a Stress-Free Vacation

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If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with travelling! There’s nothing like exploring new places and cultures, or indulging in some full-blown R&E approved R&R on the beach! But with all the work that goes into preparing for a trip, sometimes it feels like you need a vacation from your vacation!

As someone who suffers from a chronic case of the travel bug, these are my tried-and-true tips for making your next travel preparations as relaxing as your vacation!

  1. Don’t Leave Packing to the Last Second

Packing your suitcase is one of the most daunting tasks. It can get overwhelming trying to mentally prepare for a weeks worth of insta-ready outfits all at once! To make things easier, make a list of packing essentials ahead of time. This way, when you find the time to actually get to packing, you’ll be ready to grab exactly what you need and just go.

There are even apps to help you! Apps like PackPoint can help by building a custom packing list based on weather predictions for your destination. Going on an excursion? Tell PackPoint! It’ll tell you exactly what you need to bring based on your travel itinerary and planned activities. You can even check out shared packing lists from other community members for a little suitcase inspo.

  1. Use a Trip Planning App

I know I’m not the only one out there who has lost a booking confirmation in the black hole that is my inbox. Between flight confirmations, hotel bookings, excursion appointments, and a hundred other emails that go with planning a trip, it’s tough to keep track of it all.

Apps like TripIt can store all of your important info in one convenient and accessible place. All you need to do is make your booking, forward the email to, and the app will organize everything for you! Gone are the days of searching for that one email you know you saw that one time, but can’t find now that you need it.

  1. Let Your Errands Run to You

You did it! You made your packing list, your documents are organized, and you are ready to relax on the beach! Ooh – except you need to refill your prescriptions before you go.

Cut down on running out for last-minute errands, and have them come to you! Have your prescriptions delivered to you same-day or next-day for free* through the pharmacy so you can start relaxing!

While you’re at it, opt for convenient strip packaging. Swap your bulky pill bottles for small, personalized packets and save your suitcase space for that AMAZING new swimsuit you just couldn’t resist buying!

  1. Have a PJ Day

Nothing says relaxing vacation like an early flight!

Getting the entire family out the door on time can be challenging on any day, but getting everyone out on time at 3am? Yikes! To save a little distraction-free prep time in the morning, consider ditching your regular routine for my favourite and most comfortable time-saving ritual: Declare a PJ day!

Forget about getting dressed in the morning and let the kids sleep a little longer by bringing them to the airport in their PJs. Pack an outfit for everyone in your carryon, and have the kids get dressed on the plane. This will give you a little extra time in the morning to get all your gear together, and the kids will be more well-rested for the busy travel day ahead. It’s a win-win!

  1. Go Paperless

You’ve made it to the airport, you’re so close to vacation you can taste it! The last thing you need is to lose your boarding pass just before your flight takes off. A great way to reduce travel stress is to take advantage of your virtual boarding pass. Download your airline’s app to access a PDF of your boarding pass, or have your airline email you a copy. You’ll have one less piece of paper to keep track of, and you can feel good about being environmentally friendly!

Happy travelling! What are some of your stress-free travel tips?


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