How to Get Out of an Exercise Rut

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Exercise has been an important part of my life, all my life.  It provides me with a positive outlook, ambition, energy, and helps me maintain a healthy weight. But like all of us, sometimes I get in an exercise funk, losing my workout groove and motivation. And when I lose my groove, it can be hard to claw my way back.   Over the years, I’ve found that these 7 activities are the best ways for me to get out of an exercise rut.


1. Work out with a Personal Trainer

I’ve been working out with a Personal Trainer once a week for the last four months (that’s us in the photo).  It’s not cheap, but I figure I deserve it!  What I love about working out with Robert is that he shakes up my fitness routine with high intensity core work.  Since working with Robert, some of my nagging injuries have calmed down and I see and feel results.

OIder Faster Stronger by Margaret Webb

2. Read a Motivating Book

This Spring I read Older Faster Stronger by Margaret Webb, about about how author Margaret Webb became her “fittest self” by running at the age of fifty! It was a great read that made me realize that I can still aspire to ambitious fitness goals in my forties.


3. Play with Your Kids

I have two rambunctious boys, so it’s mandatory that I get them out of the house after dinner or it gets ugly. We often go to the local school and play soccer – and instead of sitting on the sidelines, I play too. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together as a family, and to get some extra exercise in as well!

shutterstock_3280529004. Track your Steps

Whether you use a Fitbit or an app on your smartphone, tracking your steps on your own or as part of a group can be really motivating and even kind of addictive! Here at, a group of us are tracking our steps using the Pacer app. Wanting to beat my colleagues and win is making me walk more – there’s nothing like a friendly office fitness competition to keep you motivated!

shutterstock_3332390905. Bike

I ride my bike whenever I can. It’s far more convenient than driving as you don’t need to worry about traffic and parking, and it’s a bit of an adrenaline rush. I have a large pannier that attaches to my bike so I can use it for commuting, errands and grocery shopping.  I also have night lights so I can ride into the night safely.

shutterstock_1825085156. Join a Team

When you’re on a team, you have to show up, otherwise you’ll let your team down.  I play recreational ball hockey weekly and that commitment ensures that I am getting exercise at least once per week!


7. Sign up for a Race

Whether you’re a new runner of you’ve been running for years, there’s a race for you. The act of signing up and paying for a race will get you running regularly, guaranteed! Join with a friend or a group to help you really commit.

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