How to Create the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

Sun CareHow to Create the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

How to Create the Ultimate Backyard BBQ

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It’s finally summer! It’s the season of sunshine, fresh fruits and veggies, sweet treats, and plenty of water games to keep you cool. It’s basically the most wonderful time of the year (no offence to holiday season, it is what it is).

Of course, summer wouldn’t be the same without the ultimate backyard BBQ. There’s something special about spending the whole day outside before sitting down to a delicious meal with the fam and that beautiful summer breeze. It’s basically magic.

Looking to hold onto that magic a little tighter this season? Me too! Here’s how you can upgrade your backyard BBQ game to create your most magical summer yet.

 Make It Shine

outdoor twinkle lightsNothing says cute and cozy like some twinkly lights! This small addition to your yard will really brighten up the place (literally) with an easily installed twinkle of charm. They’re also super versatile, so you can move them around to switch up your space’s look with minimal effort.

These Kikkerland lights look amazing wrapped around a patio umbrella pole, hanging overhead a deck, hung around the perimeter of a table, or anywhere you can think of!

Stay Sweet

As the days get warmer, it’s time our snacks get colder. Translation: it’s time to break out the popsicle molds. Whether you’re treating your little ones to a yummy sweet, or creating a more grown-up pop with a Seed Lip base, this DIY popsicle set will give you a delicious quintessential summer snack all season long!popsicle mold

The best part about these at-home sweets: by making them at home, you can pack your popsicle full of delicious fruits that your littles will love eating!

Make a Splash!

Kids sprinklerWe wish for warm weather all winter long, but when it finally gets here it can be a bit much.

Beat the heat with this cute sprinkler the kids will love…and honestly you’ll probably love it too. With eight colourful legs to spray water in every direction, this sprinkler will not only bring tons of fun to your little ones but will keep you cool enough to stay outside and get every second you can out of your backyard paradise.

Go Crazy For Suncare

ThinkBaby SunscreenWear! Your! Sunscreen!

This is so important! The only thing worse than the sting of a sunburn itself is having to spend your days inside, looking at your backyard oasis through the window because you’re too burnt to go outside. You’ve done the work to create the perfect paradise and you deserve to enjoy it! Soak in the suncare season so you can make the most of your ultimate backyard experience.

Here are some of our suncare must-haves:

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+

Sun Bum Mineral SPF 50Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion

What are your backyard BBQ essentials?

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