How to Build Your Vitamin & Supplement Regime, Just in Time for the New Year

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How to Build Your Vitamin & Supplement Regime, Just in Time for the New Year

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It’s about time to ring in the new year and let me be the first to say thank goodness!

In 2021 we’re focusing on us! We’re bringing our minds and bodies back to balance, and what better way to do that than with the best vitamin and supplement regime to help put our freshest foot forward as we literally sprint into the new year, leaving 2020 in the dust?

Here are our Vitamin & Supplement essentials.

Vitamin D

We may not be kicking off this new year with a beach vacay, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still soak up some sunshine! Or at least its health benefits.

From regulating calcium concentration levels in the blood, to promoting healthy bones, teeth and skin, the Jamieson Vitamin D gives us all the goodness of natural sunlight in a small, easily digestible package. This way, we can stay at home all snuggly and cozy for the first cold months of the year, but keep our bodies warm, sunny, and healthy.

And if it helps, throw on your favourite swimsuit and flip flops for the full sunny experience!

Vitamin C

Good for the littles and the not-so-littles in our lives, Vitamin C gives us exactly what we need for glowing health, inside and out!

Vitamin C is an essential in your regime refresh. While it’s improving your overall wellbeing, it’ll also work wonders in boosting your immune system, as an antioxidant. Not just that, but Vitamin C will also promote healthy bones and connective tissue. Win-win-win!

Chaga Antioxidant Super Mushroom

While we’re talking antioxidants, you won’t want to snooze on this amazing Chaga Antioxidant Supermushroom from Rainbo.

This everyday staple is a great source of goodness that will restore oxidative balance in your body and may even slow cellular aging (wrinkles who??). The high concentration of bioactive compounds not only scavenge the body for unwanted cells, but also boost the immune system and help to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol.

Ahem – thanks, I’ll take 2.

Magnesium Bis-Glycinate

Truth be told, this one’s a mouthful, but it’s a mouthful of some really great things that your body is totally going to thank you for!

Magnesium bis-glycinate is the power-packing secret ingredient to your vitamin and supplement routine that’ll restore your magnesium to optimum levels, helping to fuel your body for muscle regulations, nerve function, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure, just to name a few.

Safe to say, this may just be the silent leader of your refreshed routine!


Collagen seems like a buzzword that’s been around for a while, but what the heck does it do?!

So glad you asked. Collagen is a protein that acts as our natural skin warrior, preventing and reversing the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks. It makes our skin radiant, hair long, and nails strong. Basically, collagen is that secret, all-natural ingredient you’ve been looking to add to your beauty routine.

Try mixing your collagen powder into a smoothie bowl, avocado spread, a yogurt parfait, or even melted dark chocolate for a supplement that’s never been sweeter!

What will your 2021 vitamin and supplement regime refresh look like?

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