How to Bring Your Aromatherapy On-The-Go

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choosing the right essential oils
What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils and their healing properties as part of your self care rituals. Maybe that means using sweet orange to boost your mood, peppermint to refresh, or lavender to calm.

When we’re talking about aromatherapy, we’re usually talking about diffusing the oils into your space, or in body products like body scrubs and massage oils.

How Does It Work?

While scientists aren’t exactly sure how aromatherapy works, they believe it’s related to our sense of smell. When we inhale the oils, receptors in our nose communicate with the parts of our brain that deal with emotions, which is why when we inhale lavender, our brain feels calmer.

And when it comes to using essential oil infused products, like a massage oil, we not only inhale the oils but they’re absorbed into our skin, giving us the chance to take in even more oil benefits!

If you’re curious and want to learn more about how aromatherapy works, you can learn more here!

finding the right essential oils

Finding the right essential oils

Why Would You Want to Take It On-the-Go?

If you use essential oils regularly, you’ll know they truly have an effect on your mood. Maybe you diffuse blends to help with your anxiety, which allows you to feel more grounded and focused on your work. Or maybe you diffuse lavender and bergamot during cloudy days, because the combination helps boost your mood and reduce feelings of depression.

If you diffuse oils, you’ll know you have to have a diffuser, which usually needs to be plugged into the wall. Which limits where you can use it.

If you have an important meeting, you can’t drag your diffuser and cord with you. And if it’s cold and grey outside, you can’t bring your lemon filled diffuser on your errands. But you could if you had an on-the-go aromatherapy diffuser – I’ll run through your options below!

How Can You Take it On The Go?

With tools like a car, necklace, or bracelet diffuser, you can bring the healing, plant based benefits of essential oils with you wherever you go.

It might not make that meeting any more fun, but it will help keep you calm and focused. Or uplifted and cheery.

Whatever essential oils you choose, now you can bring them with you, without lugging around a diffuser that needs to be plugged into a wall. So which one should you choose?

Car Diffusers

If you drive to work each day, consider a car diffuser. Not only will your car smell good, but you’ll be using natural, healthy essential oils that actually help you feel better.

While you’d usually add water to a traditional plug-in diffuser, these car diffusers use small, washable fabric pads. Simply apply the essential oils to the pad, pop it into the diffuser, and you’re good to go! And what’s better is they last a lot longer than water – each pad holds the scent for 3-4 days, and after that you can wash it out by hand. Pads last about three months, during which you can wash and reuse them until they become hard.

If you’re not sure which essential oils to use in the car, these blends will get you started:

Start Your Day Right Blend:

Rush Hour Blend:

Aromatherapy Jewelry

If you want to bring the benefits of essential oils beyond the car or home, consider a piece of aromatherapy jewelry. There are lots of necklaces and bracelets to choose from, so you won’t have a hard time finding one that fits your style.

I have a bracelet, and it’s one of my favourite ways to use essential oils. While I diffuse oils all the time at home, having a bracelet makes it easy to bring the oils wherever I go. It’s also comforting and reassuring – like I’ve got the essential oils to support my body (and my mood) whenever I need them.

adding essential oils to jewelry

Adding essential oils to jewelry

Bracelets work with tiny lava stones that absorb the essential oil and diffuse the scent into your space. This can get a little messy when applying, so I always do it over a sink to avoid getting the oil on my skin or clothes.

A necklace works similar to the car diffuser – there’s a little washable fabric pad that you apply the oils to, and the essential oils are diffused into the air through a vent at the front of the necklace.

I most often use a grounding blend, because when I’m out and about I can often become anxious about getting things done, assignments, or deadlines. I’ll reach for frankincense, cedar, orange, and even cinnamon oils.

Grounding Blend:

Terra Cotta Diffuser

I’m sure there are spaces in your home, office, or anywhere else where you’d love to diffuse oils, but there’s no plug or no space for a diffuser.

That’s where these gorgeous terra cotta diffusers come in. You can diffuse them anywhere – your tiny apartment bathroom, the car, or your office cubicle. And if you’re worried about breaking the terracotta (this is totally something I worry about – if it’s breakable, I’ll probably break it) then there are plastic diffusers that have the same idea!

Unlike the other diffusers we’ve talked about so far, this one has a small hole in the back, where you’ll add your essential oils. You’ll want to kind of swish the diffuser around to the get the oils all over, and then you can hang it wherever you want!

Fresh & Focused Blend:

Pet Diffuser

While this isn’t something we’d think of right away, it’s kind of genius. We use essential oils to create insect repellents for ourselves right? So why not use those oils to help our dogs?

We want them to be safe and free of irritating bugs and ticks, and now with a pet diffuser, we can do that with natural essential oils!

This diffuser is a clip on that you can add to your dog’s collar. Like the car diffuser, there are fabric pads that you can apply the oil to, and then wash and repeat!

A few of the essential oils safe for dogs are lavender, clary sage, tea tree, geranium (a favourite of mine!), and rosemary. If you’re curious about other oils, please do some research first, as not all oils are good for dogs like they are for humans. It’s like when humans are pregnant and not all essential oils are safe for the baby.

Bug Free Dog Blend:

Essential oils are a huge part of my daily self care ritual. They help me practice self care, support my body and my mind, and stay on track. And with these aromatherapy diffusers, I can get all the essential oil goodness where I go.

How are you taking your essential oils on-the-go?

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