How to Beat Frizzy Hair All Summer Long

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How to Beat Frizzy Hair All Summer Long

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It’s officially summer and the temperatures are going up, but hotter days mean more humidity – hair’s biggest enemy. Humidity is simply high levels of moisture in the air, and our hair always seems to be the first to detect it when we step outside. This summer avoid the frizz with these quick tips!

Read those Labels

Some shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that can dry out your hair. Avoid products that contain alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate. Instead reach for formulas with lots of moisturizing ingredients like argan oil and shea butter. Andalou Naturals Moisture Rich Shampoo contains both of these and it’s sweet citrus scent will make your locks smell so good!

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reach for formulas with lots of moisturizing ingredients like argan oil and shea butter

Skip the Blow Dryer

Exposure to extreme heat coupled with other summer hair stressors can heighten the frizz factor. Opt to air dry your hair and use a microfiber hair towel to reduce friction and frizz.

Always scrunch water out of hair instead of rubbing. The Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel is a great option that can reduce hair breakage and drying times. Skipping the heat styling also gives you the opportunity to embrace the beachy waves or try out a new braid or updo!

Add an Oil

Every hair strand has a cuticle layer (the outermost layer) whose health determines how your hair looks and feels. Humidity causes the cuticle layer to stand up straight instead of lie flat. If you’re noticing some frizz midday, run a few drops of your favourite oil through hair to keep those fly aways in check.

If you want to try out a formula developed specifically for hair, the Weleda Rosemary Conditioning Hair Oil packs a serious amount of benefits into the bottle. The star ingredient, rosemary leaf oil, helps strengthen dry hair while adding back shine and softness.

Try an Anti-Humidity Spray

If you do choose to style your hair, finish with an anti-humidity spray before you step outside. The product creates a protective barrier to lock out frizz but still give you all the luster and movement you crave. Boo Bamboo Anti-Humidity Hair Spray is a favourite!

Weekly Hair Mask

Treat your hair to an extra blast of moisture and add a hair mask to your weekly beauty routine. The My Mane Care Hydrating Hair Mask prevents breakage and split ends, restores moisture right from the scalp, and one pouch goes a long way.

Let us know if you try any of these tips or any other advice you have for achieving your best summer hair yet!

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